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Peter Roe
Birthdate: June 23, 1961

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Report Created on February 19, 2009


Your type is the role you have been asked to play in this lifetime. It represents the general purpose that your energy blueprint is designed to provide. Your type energetically interacts with the rest of humanity in a geometric way. At a high level, it defines whether you are here to do work, to guide and lead, to manifest or to reflect. There are 5 types in the human design system. Realize that you can manifest successfully and create a life of peace and balance whatever your design, provided you live out your type and follow your strategy.


Chart Human Design Types


You are a Generator. You have been given the design to have that powerful sacral motor churning out energy within you. You are here to work and to do things. You have sustainable energy. It is born each day, runs all day and burns out at night. There are many types of work, from mechanical and rhythmic to artistic and eccentric and you are here to work and respond to all that is gong on in this world. Find work that is inspiring to you!


For each of the 5 types in Human Design there is a corresponding strategy. This is all about geometry and interacting properly with the flow of the energy of the universe, you and other beings. It is by following your strategy that you can maximize the positive results and minimize the drawbacks. The universe is energetic and the flow of opportunity and interaction is influenced by type. Strategy is important in every day life, but especially important for major decisions such as changes in your personal relationships, career, or residence. It is also critical to follow your strategy with commitments to projects or any major investment of your time.


Wait to respond

As a Generator the world expects you to respond. There are many things that may come into your life that offer opportunity for you to take action. You may be tempted to respond to inspirations that come from remote sources, but it is essential you focus on what feels right in your soul. It is also important for you to recognize that if there is nothing in your immediate reality that feels really good, then you must wait. Your strategy for success is to wait until what you are inspired to respond to comes directly into your arena, or peripheral world.

For example, what you respond to needs to be more direct then an inspiration from something on TV. Perhaps that is where the idea starts, but then you must experience this inspiration as an immediate need of the world around you. Maybe you see a news clip about natural health on TV and start to think about a new profession. If no one around you is presenting a need for natural health therapies, then this is a sign that you haven't found quite the right inspiration. Or perhaps it's just not time. On the other hand, if multiple people say, ''oh yes, I would love for you to help me with my ailments!'' and maybe a friend mentions that you would be great as a natural health practitioner, then you have lots of signs giving you a green light!.

It may be easy for you to get drawn into pushing forward to force things to happen and ''just do it!''. When you do pursue the bigger (or even smaller) things in life, you can ''just do it'' provided you are responding to something that has appeared in your reality in a very tangible way. Ultimately, choices you make must feel right in the core of your soul, at the center of your being. Never attempt to initiate an idea that hasn't already appeared as a need in your reality and be discriminating with what you respond to and you can do anything!

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Your profile describes character traits to your personality. Are you social, investigative, experimental, a hermit, projective or a role model. You have two of these defining traits which will influence how all of your actions, expressions and interactions are done. Beyond your type, your profile is the second biggest force in influencing your design. Your profile is derived from two numbers called lines that come from the gates in your sun and your earthly. Lines are a subset of gates of the I'Ching where each gate is divided into 6 lines.


4/6    Opportunist/Role Model

The fourth line in your profile is a social networker with a need for foundation. The 4th line desires the next thing to be lined up before it is ready or willing to move forward. This foundation is based around house, spouse, close friends and career. If it is a job, then you will typically want the offer letter in hand before you resign from your current job. In relationship, you will want at least prospects for a replacement before moving on. 4th line people tend to get stuck in relationship for fear that the replacement won't happen. When faced with the prospect of moving, you are likely to have the next place all lined up before moving out of the current one. As a 4th line profile most of your opportunities for jobs, friends, or significant others will come through your social network. This is how the energy revolves around your design.

The sixth line of your profile lives out 3 different life stages. From birth to about 28.5 years the 6th line profile is prone to experimentation, (similar to a 3rd line profile). You take the results of your experimentation and experiences and try to internalize them. In an attempt to become wise, you sort through what works and what doesn't work and how it has affected you. From age 28.5 to age 50 the 6th line withdraws. There is a realization that the experimentation didn't really work for you and during this period of your life it is said that ''you go up on the roof.'' It is sort of an aloof observational period where you look outward at the world to figure out how things really do work. You look at how other people do things and use their examples of what works and what doesn't work to figure out what works for you. Around age 50 the 6th line profile comes off the roof and moves into the role model phase of life. You have tried things your first 28 years and you have observed things for the next 22 years, now you are wise and ready to step in the role of mentor or role model. You are a passive role model not aggressive. People will seek you out for your expertise, help and advice. You will get involved only when you deem it to be a worthy cause for those who are asking as well as for you.

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Your open centers are unlimited in the way they can experience energy for that center. You do not have your own consistent energy for these centers but you can amplify these types of energy from around you. Through these centers you are empathetic to those around you. An undefined Solar Plexus Center can feel the happy or sadness of another. The undefined Spleen Center can feel ill health. Through this experience of empathy and amplification you are designed to become extremely wise about these centers as you can experience all the shades of the energy coming through.

Map of Centers


You have an undefined Head Center. Along with 7/8 of the population, you are unlimited in how you experience ideas and inspirations. You may lose your focus with your own ideas, especially when influenced by other people. For example, it could be a struggle to find something you really want when looking at a menu in a crowded restaurant, well it all looks good! Make sure the ideas and inspirations you embrace and work with are your own and feel right over a period of time. You may come under pressure to find the answer to questions. This can include anything from ''what was the name of that actor?'' to ''what do I want to do with my life?'' Make sure the questions you are answering are a priority for you and not someone else in your life. Are you still trying to answer other peoples' questions?


You have an undefined Ajna and are unlimited in the way you can think about things. You easily look at problems from many angles. You may vary how you do your tasks and chores and are flexible in trying new ways of doing things. You may struggle with remembering details. This can happen even when you felt confident you would remember. You tend to feel uncertain when it comes to making decisions. At a restaurant you may change your mind often and then be disappointed with what you ordered when it shows up. You may struggle to focus in large groups or noisy situations. Your best strategy is to make lists or write things down that you will need to recall.


You have an undefined Throat Center. You are unlimited in the ways in which you express yourself. You can modulate your speech and voice to communicate with anyone in a way they will understand. However, at times in your life you may have struggled to feel heard or listened to. You may have developed elaborate strategies to be recognized so your words would be acknowledged. For example, when you do ''get the floor'' with your audience, you may resist giving it up for fear that you will fall back into being unheard. It is also possible that you have grown tired of not being heard and have fallen quiet. Your strategy around communication is to let your energy carry the message that you have a lot to say. It is through this quiet focus that you will be recognized to speak. Once you have been recognized by others, you will be heard.


You have an undefined Spleen Center. You have an unlimited ability to understand intuition. You may experience time in unlimited and undefined ways. You may lose track of time, having 15 minute conversations that last 2 hours. It is likely that you struggle with being on time, either watching the clock like a hawk to ensure timeliness, being extremely early to everything or always being late. You may also be vulnerable to sudden rashes of fear, because this is the center for survival based activities driven by fear. An undefined spleen can be a great asset to a hands on energy worker, drawing on universal energy and amplifying it with your open spleen center. Your immune system has an inconsistent supply of energy and is more vulnerable. As a result, you are likely to be sensitive to everything happening in your body. Sometimes people with undefined spleens can be viewed as hypochondriacs, but in truth, you are just more sensitive to the inner workings of your body.

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Your defined centers are the shapes in the chart, the squares the triangles and the diamonds that are colored in. Through these defined centers you have access to your own consistent energy. Because the center is defined, you will experience the energy from each center with a familiar pattern. It may not always be the exact pattern as described, but the description is to give you a flavor of how that energy will come to expression.

Map of Centers


You have a defined G-Identity Center. You have a good understanding of who you are and are mostly comfortable with yourself. You know where you're going in many respects, even if you don't know how you'll get there. You may have a good sense of direction and geography. If you are moved off your center, you are able to find your balance and recenter yourself more easily than others.


You have a defined Heart-Will Center. You have will power to push through resistance to get things done. This is a powerful attribute, but be careful not to overexert your will just to get your way, as this is also the center of the ego. The Will Center is a pulse motor and is either on or off. When it is off, your will power is lacking and you must remember to rest. Honor your time of relaxation or you can damage your heart. Your words carry an energy of ''I promise'', whether you mean it or not. Be mindful of expectations you set as your defined will power will communicate commitments even if you don't say, ''I promise''.

Solar Plexus

You have a defined Solar Plexus Center and are an emotional being. The Solar Plexus defines its energy in waves that move from joyful highs to melancholic lows. The emotional solar plexus provides clarity about decisions over time and it is essential that you ride the whole wave to achieve clarity. What feels right when you're at the top of your wave may feel wrong when you're at the bottom. When you are at the bottom of the wave don't look for the reasons, just know that it's a cycle and it will pass. A good strategy for the defined Solar Plexus is to track the cycle of your emotional wave. How long does it last? What makes it worse? What makes it better? It's okay to schedule downtime if you know you are likely to be at the bottom of your wave. It all serves a purpose! There are 3 types of waves and here is a description of yours.

Your emotional Solar Plexus is powered by a collective wave. This wave builds slowly over time toward joy and happiness. At its peak, the energy suddenly stalls and plummets toward sadness and despair sometimes manifesting as fear. The wave then begins to build again so the down side does not last long. The rapid drop on the emotional side can sometimes leave you scratching your head wondering what happened to cause such a change. Know now that it is just a wave and nothing more.

Your emotional Solar Plexus is powered by a tribal wave. This wave is like the tribal drum beat and is steady in rhythm moving up toward joy and down toward sadness. You may not notice this wave as it typically has a small range and is the least dramatic of the emotional waves.


You have a defined Root Center. Root energy is fueled by adrenaline and this helps you to get things done. As you work though your task lists you will know when enough is enough. The defined Root Center is a pulse motor and is either on or off. When the root is off, there is no energy to push and get things done. It is time to rest. When the root is on, it is as if the clutch is engaged and you are cruising!


You have a defined Sacral Center. You have the most powerful motor in the Human Design system and it is the energy to get things done. The presence of this motor defines you as a Generator or Manifesting Generator. The sacral motor turns on in the morning, runs all day and burns out at night. This energy rises up from your sacral center and has a physical quality to it. Your strategy for health is to get some physical activity each day to burn up any excess energy. As possible, anything from a full workout to a short walk will help you sleep better and feel healthier. While this is mostly true for all types of people, this is especially true for you.

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Your defined channels have distinct characteristics in the way you act or react. Your defined channels will effect the flow of energy to and from the centers they connect with. As the energy flows through the expression of that channels characteristics will be added to the overall expression.


Channel of Discovery (Gates 46-29)

This is energy pushing up from the Sacral Center to the G/Identity Center to break through challenges. Sometimes called ''succeeding where others fail'', it is the energy to persevere and get it done. However, there is always duality and it can occasionally mean to fail where others succeed.

Channel of Community (Gates 37-40)

This channel has the energetic drive to create and be a part of community. The energy takes place on a small emotional wave and is driven to create tribal connection among those within your tribal definition be it family, group or community.

Channel of Recognition (Gates 30-41)

This is an emotional channel that has an escalator-like wave over time. The energy builds higher and higher towards joy and happiness until it eventually reaches a peak and then plummets towards sadness and despair. It then begins its ascent back towards joy and happiness. This is the initiation of feeling moving into form with emotion and is ultimately expressed through laughter, tears or an emotion in between.

Channel of Mutation (Gates 3-60)

You have a design that has energy to take a current process and mutate it into a new design. For example, with your studies you are not likely to follow standard routes for degrees. In life you are not likely to feel comfortable in a typical job. You have the energy to take the more mainstream approaches and add your own twist perhaps blending studies or combining tasks.

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Your defined gates are truly what give you definition. It is the sum of these that defines your centers and determines your type. It is all the individual expressions of each gate that make you who you really are. In this section you can look at each gate and its expression individually. Please remember two things: 1. That this is a high level description of the gate and it is just to give you a flavor of how you may express this energy. 2. That these gate attributes do not work in isolation so as they come together in your design the attributes may mutate or change into something greater or something less.

Energy distribution: Collective 35% Tribal 35 % Individual 31 %

At a high level there are three main types of energy: collective, tribal and individual. The expression of collective energy is ultimately to benefit the collective, or all of humanity. Tribal energy is focused on what is best for the tribe whether it's family, group, community, race or country. Individual energy is driven to benefit you and it does not really care about anyone else in the tribe or the collective. It is useful to see your energy distribution as you can see if you have a bias toward one type of energy. Most of us have a blend but some people have a concentration. If you have a percentage in one group higher than 55%, then you are going to have a bias. If that is individual, then you are going to care mostly about yourself. If the concentration is tribal, then your concern is for the tribe. And lastly, if it is collective, you will be focused on how you effect all of humanity.


Gate of The Spirit of the Self (# 25)

Gate of Extremes (# 15)

The Spirit of the Self is the love of the spirit of the soul within you. This is also the love of the greater Spirit, as in God or the Divine or whatever definition you choose.

The Gate of Extremes is energy that expresses itself through extreme rhythms. Whether it be your personal cycle with respect to times you eat, get up and go to sleep or other patterns, the gate of extremes will demand a change from a repetitive cycle after a while. This is also the energy of the love of humanity, the concern for fellow humans and the drive to bring other humans into the flow of life.

Gate of The Determination of the Self (# 46)

Gate of Behavior of the Self (# 10)

The Gate of the Determination of the Self is the energy of the love of the physical body, or the love of the flesh. It manifests in the desire for touch, the drive to maintain fitness, and the joy of living in the physical plane.

The Gate of the Behavior of Self carries energy about understanding behavior within the norms of your human society. How it is expressed may take on flavors of complete acceptance of norms, challenging norms when appropriate or complete defiance. Your expression will remain consistent within your theme or style of expression. This is the energy of self-love. This is also the consistent energy to love others.

Gate of The Provocateur (# 39)

Gate of Values (# 50)

The Provocateur is the energy to provoke into action. It is an energetic burst to create change from the emotional stillness or sadness.

Values is the energy of values and rules. This gate controls or dictates the rules for the tribe. These rules are all about caring and making sure the tribe is cohesive. The rules are often related to food and provisions.

Gate of Aloneness (# 40)

Gate of Saying Yes (# 29)

Aloneness energy is part of the channel of community, yet this is the lonely side. This is the energy of being separate from the group or the family.

This energy is the drive to say ''Yes''. It may lead to over commitment, but the energy includes the perseverance to push through where others quit.

Gate of Friendship (# 37)

Gate of Recognition of Feelings (# 30)

Friendship is the family or tribal side of community. This is the emotional side of being part of the tribe. There is always a strong underlying desire to be part of a group, family or community.

Recognition of Feelings is the energy to recognize feelings that are pushing for change. Once recognized, the emotion to change is conceptualized into action that will relieve the pain or sadness and create real change.

Gate of Inaction (# 52)

Gate of Ordering (# 3)

Inaction is the stillness to see the whole picture and achieve concentration. At times we must withdraw to truly concentrate.

The Gate of Ordering is the energy to finish or complete things. When tasks or projects get started they set off in a direction but they do not always have a clear path or a visible resolution. This energy helps to order or organize the solution so it can come to pass.

Gate of Higher Knowledge (# 2)

Gate of Acceptance (# 60)

Higher Knowledge is the energy of the driver of the self and moves your soul forward. The irony with this energy is that while you may have little awareness of your own direction, you are a great guide to others.

To get things started one needs a push or surge of energy. The Gate of Acceptance energy is like a car starting with bursts of surges. Not all tasks are like the 100 yard dash where the path is straight forward. This energy pushes you off the starting line, but not so fast that you can't change your course once you get going.

Gate of Contraction (# 41)

Gate of Formulization (# 4)

The Gate of Contraction is the energy of contracting or pulling back. It is an emotional energy of regrouping in preparation for the next expansion.

The Gate of Formulization gives you the drive to want to find the answer. Not just any answer but the ONE answer.

Gate of Alertness (# 44)


Alertness is the energy to look at past patterns, assess current supply and determine proper action to take. The outcome is awareness about what needs to occur to ensure that material needs will be met.


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Your incarnation cross made up of the four key gates based on the alignment of the sun and earth in your Human Design. Your incarnation cross gives definition and foundation to your overall energy design and is a cornerstone in your life purpose. Like a snowflake there are many underlying factors within your design that impact exactly how you carry your cross but this gives you another flavor of just how deep Human Design goes. Of course in order to carry out your incarnation cross you must live your design and most importantly that means to follow your type and strategy.


The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 2 Cross Gates: 15 10 25 46

Born as the Vessel of Love, you are here to bring people into the flow in a loving way. All four of the gates of your Cross are connected to the G/Identity center and, on a deeper level, connection to the Soul. Love of spirit, love of the flesh, love of the self and love of humanity are the four energies that make up this Cross. With the energy of this Cross, humanity leads the way for you. This is about getting people into the flow of love for themselves, each other and love of humanity.

You have a right angle cross of incarnation. Your destiny in this life is your own process and in that sense you are self absorbed. However you can't live life in a vacuum and so throughout this life you are creating karma for good or not so good with all the others you bump into.

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The material in this report comes from a variety of sources.

Primary soucre for much of the information comes from the teachings of Ra Uru Hu who encountered "The Voice" in January of 1987.
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Another primary source for information is Karen Curry, a former student of Ra, and my teacher.
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