May 21, 2024


There are many teachers out there who are teaching Human Design.

Peter's Body Graph

Peter's Body Graph

All of them base their materials off the same information that was brought to earth in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu.

Each teacher, through the process of translation and expression, changes the tenor and meaning of what is actually delivered to you for your understanding of Human Design.  Much of how the information is changed  is due to each teacher’s design.

My incarnation cross is the Vessel of Love. My lead energies, determined by the position of the Sun and the Earth 88 days before I was born and then on the day I was born, are all about guiding people to love themselves more completely. As I pass on the information that I have learned to you via this website, a private reading, a class or my report, I am going to do it with love. This is not just a filter of love as it is my whole design that is going to flavor my teachings.

So am I the right teacher at this time for you?

That is something only you will know.  Look over my stuff and get a feel for it.  If it resonates, great! There are several ways you can get started with learning about your Human Design and discovering more about your self. If my approach doesn’t feel right, then check out my links as I can refer you to a lot of other good sites and great teachers out there that can help you discover what your Human Design is all about.

Happy Trails!

Love, Peace and Light,peter

Peter Roe