June 12, 2024

What does Split Definition mean?

In Human Design there is a concept of Split Definition. A split occurs when there are defined centers that do not all connect together through defined channels. Overall there are 5 different possibilities regarding definition in Human Design. Here is a list from simple to complex.

  • No Definition
    • This would be a reflector that has no centers defined.
  • Single Definition
    • This is a design that has all the defined centers connected. This could range from just 2 centers defined and connected to all 9 centers connected.
  • Split Definition
    • A Split definition could probably be referred to as a double split as it results in two distinct groups of centers that are defined and connect but there is no defined connection between the 2 groups.
  • Triple Split Definition
    • Like it’s name, the triple split has 3 groups of defined centers that are connected within the group but not connected to the other groups.
  • Quadruple Split
    • This is a rare occurring design, as there are 4 groups of defined centers that do not connect with each other.

In a minute I will talk about what impact the splits have on a design, but first lets step back and review how a center gets defined. If you look down at Whitney Houston’s chart you can see that under the design gates, the red numbers on the left, she has the gate 62 in the North Node and the gate 17 in Jupiter. Lets picture a completely blank chart that we start to color in.

So for Whitney…

  • we would color in the 62 as a defined gate
  • then we would color in 17 as a defined gate
  • 2 gates make up a channel and in this case they are both defined so now the channel is defined
  • In design, when we have a defined channel between two centers, both centers become defined and are colored in.
  • So now the Head and Ajna are defined and colored in.

To complete the design we would continue to color in all the defined gates. Where defined channels occur then we would color in those attached centers as well. Hopefully, now you can see how the groups of defined centers are being formed and in fact how all of the body graph is colored in or not.

But what does a split represent? If you think about design as a collection of energetic expression where each gate, channel and center have archetypal characteristics, then you can conceive that these  energies can flow together. If there are defined channels between the groups of centers then the energy can flow more easily and quickly. However, if there are gaps, white gates or channels that are undefined, then these can offer resistance between the defined groups and slow down the harmonization of the energy into a common voice or expression.

So when you have splits, in the moment it can be like there are multiple voices from within trying to express themselves. It may take time to come to a point of expression or harmonized action.

Another affect of having splits is that you may be drawn to people that bridge those gaps. If we look at Billie Eilish below, she might be drawn to someone that has the gate 6 that will connect her 2 groups of centers all together. In the presence of someone with gate 6, she can harmonize the emotional voice of the Solar Plexus and Root group, with the doing for me voice of the Sacral and Identity group. Interesting fact, her brother, Finneas, with whom she preforms and creates music, does have the gate 6. This probably lends itself to the closeness of their relationship.

Here are some examples of the different types of definition. Also, I have included links to the detailed reports for the celebs below. To get your custom report click here.

No Definition – Reflector

Sandra Bullock has no centers defined.

Human Design Report For Sandra Bullock











Single Definition

Whitney Houston had no splits and all of her defined centers are connected together.

Human Design Report For Whitney Houston











Split Definition

Billie Eilish has 2 groups of centers. The Sacral and Identity (labelled group 1) and the Solar Plexus and Root (group 2).

Human Design Report For Billie Eilish












Triple Split Definition

Karen Carpenter has 3 groups of defined centers

  1. Head and Ajna
  2. Throat and Heart/Will
  3. Identity and Sacral

Human Design Report For Karen Carpenter











Quadruple Split Definition

An uncommon and complex configuration. Four groups of centers defined but not connected. Here are the connections and perhaps what the initial expression is.

  1. Head and Ajna -What I think about this situation or question or interaction etc.
  2. Identity and Sacral – What I want to do for me about this.
  3. Heart/Will and Spleen – What I willfully want to do right now!
  4. Solar Plexus and Root – What I emotionally want to get started about this.



Witnessing Human Design in Bradley Cooper

My impression of Bradley Cooper from his movies and an interview I saw, gave me the impression of a very self confident, motivated person wishing to maximize his life experience. However, last week I listened to a great podcast from the series SmartLess, where he was interviewed by his good friends Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. Bradley revealed past struggles with self worth, trying to find himself and showed he went through a very vulnerable time. After running his chart it is no surprise, his Human Design is written all over his life experiences. Let me elaborate on how I see his Human Design influencing his life.

In the interview there is a great illustration of a completely open G/Identity center. The open G is vulnerable to influences from the people it is surrounded by, and often may ask the question, “Am I loveable?”  Bradley describes how he lacked self confidence and he looked up to comedians like Will Arnett and others as role models. Their humor was often cutting or bordering on mean. Bradley and his open G took on this persona and would often use this type of humor in social situations, thinking it was funny and it made him appear funny.  The conversation moves to a to a pivotal moment in the earlier days of their friendship. Will and Bradley, who were neighbors had been out  to dinner with others the previous night. Will stops by the next day and asks Bradley, “How do you think it went last night?”. Bradley says “I remember thinking I was so funny!” and these 2 guys I respect thought I was so funny.  Will cuts him down to size and points out he was an asshole and acted like an asshole (pardon the language I am quoting Will). This is an awakening for Bradley, realizing he had a problem with drugs and alcohol and a problem in how his open G was incorrectly portraying who he really was. It was a turning point for him to see this persona of mean or aggressive humor was not him, just an amplification by his open G of what he admired in others. He was wanting to be loved for being funny, yet it wasn’t being delivered that way and didn’t come off that way. While that style works for Will, (who has a defined G), it did not work for Bradley and he came of as aggressive. Bradley just does not have the definition to pull off that persona in a consistent and or correct manner.

Jason goes on to comment how Hollywood and fame is known to shape a person, often to be more vein or stuck up. However, in Bradley’s case and through this awakening it helped shape him to be more in alignment with his design and allow his caring and professional style to shine through his open G.

Further interesting to the story  and this relationship is that Will is the incarnation cross of the Sphinx. Sphinx’s are all about direction. All 4 gates of the cross of the Sphinx are giving out direction. Will’s lead gate is gate 2, home to magnetic monopole. Gate 2 is about being in the flow in life. The monopole pulls us into the stream of life if we allow it.  Will’s interchange that day, helped Bradley change his course and get back into his flow.

There are other parts of his design that stand out as well. The described incident happened shortly after Bradley went up on the roof as Bradley is a sixth 6th line profile. Going up on the roof for 6th lines is a great change of perspective, moving from 28 years of looking inward to about 23 years of looking outward, watching the world and how it works. From the perspective of the roof, it was probably easier for Bradley to see the incongruity with how he was expressing himself and who he really is.

As the cross of Individualism, he has the gates 51 Shock and 39 Provocation which likely played a hand in his “mean” humor. While the overall intention of the energy is to awaken someone, the delivery was mispackaged resulting in hurt instead of awakening.

Later in the conversation Bradley talks about his daughter and how he really wanted a child. You can see this in his design with the gate 50, fatherly energy and the gate 37 the gate of the family.

I am sure there is more that can be drawn relating his design to the things revealed in the interview, maybe you can find some too.

Link to the SmartLess podcast with Bradley

His full report

Is the Voice too much for Ariana Grande?

The Voice is my favorite musical talent show because it highlights very gifted artists and the coaches really seem to care about the talent that they work with. To some who have only seen the American version of The Voice they might not know the vast spread of the show across the Globe. The show was invented in the Netherlands and has spread across the Globe from Australia to Korea to South America, Africa and so many more countries too many to name. More info on Wikipedia.

This season on Americas version of the Voice features artist Ariana Grande as the newest coach of the shows 21st season. Through the blind auditions that start the show to the early stages Ariana seemed to be adjusting and getting her footing as she competes against veteran coaches Kelly Clarkson, the legendary John Legend and the Americas Voice patriarch Blake Shelton. But as the show has progressed, it seems it has gotten more and more challenging for Ariana. For those not familiar with the show, the coaches chose a set number of artists by listening to them without seeing them. Once they chose their artists they enter into the competition and artists compete and are eliminated by competing against each other. As the weeks go by more and more artists are eliminated. The contestants that survive elimination spend more and more time with their coaches and the coaches getting to know each other on a deeper and more personal level and start to see more of their talent and their dreams and aspirations.

As this season progressed Ariana’s dilemma seems to have come forth fueled by her human design. Ariana has seemed more and more emotional and at times unable to speak or clearly communicate her reaction to the contestants performances. Lets look at the Human Design and see how that factors into Ariana’s reactions and potential dilemma.

1. Ariana has an undefined Solar Plexus. With only one gate off this center she is significantly impacted emotionally by her team and when they face elimination and the emotions they feel of going home Ariana feels them intensely. Additionally the one gate, gate 30 off the Solar Plexus, carries the energy of fantasy, hope and the emotions and of what could be. It is easy just from this center to see the impact her team members have on her.
2. She has an undefined Will center. Ariana can feel and amplify her mentees sense of self worth or lack if they are facing elimination. The one gate, gate 21, that she does have is the huntress, to go out and get what you need and all these artists on the show are hunting for their opportunity to make it on The Voice stage. I am sure on some level she want to give them some of this energy.
3. She has a completely open G/Identity center. People with an open G center have the ability to feel and embody the Identity of others, especially those they get close to. As Ariana spends more and more time with her contestants she is likely to deeply feel who they are. If leaving the show is their fate she feels it as deeply as they do, maybe deeper. All their identifying with dreams of success and failure will pulse through Ariana’s being.
4. Ariana is the cross of Service. She wants her team members to achieve their higher purpose and as a coach I am sure works hard to guide, give opinions and correction to give them joy to life. If they go home or face going home does not bring joy to their life or Ariana’s.
With all these parts of Ariana’s design, she can not help but deeply feel for each of her team and their fate. It was probably best illustrated on the show recently, when she recently flashed a hand made poster saying Ariana’s team forever and expressed that she would always stay connected to her team. Truly she has been impacted by these contestants she has worked with. Hopefully it has not been overly impactful and she can keep going with The Voice as the wonderful supportive and involved coach. As I commented in an earlier post about Ariana, she experienced vocal issues while on tour, and this season that experience was reflected in the Blind Auditions as she gave her team members, a throat kit lunch box with items to support their vocal health, totally reflecting the Cross of Service that she is.

Here is an example of Ariana’s dilemma on the voice.


See Ariana’s Full Report

All Roads

There is a saying, “all roads lead to Rome.” In the days of the Roman empire, it was true literally as all the roads radiated out of Rome to the rest of the Roman empire. These roads went across Europe, to parts of Africa, to the middle east and even through parts of Britain. In the Human Design system, the Throat center is Rome. As you may know all of the centers, gates and channels have characteristics, architypes or energetic tendencies and all of these want to make it to the throat to be expressed.

Expression can come in many forms from words, song, art, body language and even lack of action or expression is in itself a form being expressed. So, when looking at a design it is important to observe the defined and undefined wiring in relation to the Throat. A defined Throat is going to have an easier path to expression where as an undefined or open Throat may take more time to express, and will potentially express with inconsistent energy.  A defined Throat may have a more consist volume or particular flavor of expression and an undefined Throat may provide more distillation of the expression.

Now not all energy heads straight for the throat. The logic circuit for example flows down for the head via the 63-4 where it hypothesizes if something is good or works well; then crosses over at the Ajna to flow via the 17-62 where we have opinions and details and arrives at the Throat. Next it flows down the 16-48 channel of talent to the Spleen and from there down the 18-58 getting correction to bring joy to life.  At the Root the circuit heads back up to the Sacral with focus coming from the 52-9 and then crosses over and flows via the 5-15 channel of rhythm to the G and then via the 7-31 channel of leadership arrives back at the Throat. But keep in mind while this is the pattern of this logical circuit it doesn’t mean the energy can’t flow the other way as well where the correction of the 18 can bring about more depth in the 48 and that depth can be expressed with the talent of gate 16 out the Throat.

So, let us take a detailed look at some Throats of these famous musicians.

Mariah Carey has a completely open throat. Her open Throat can be a chameleon and transform itself or be a pure distillation of what she wants to express. Her latest Greatest Hits album is an assortment of a wide variety of Artists songs from Karen Carpenter to Ann Murray to Celine Dion.  https://youtu.be/fGIc4qEmWqM

Her three main influences on her Throat are her abstract thinking mind, putting pieces together, her Sacral self-powered Identity, and her joy to life Root to Spleen.

Prince on the other hand has a defined Throat from the Solar Plexus that wants to talk about the experience. If you think about it, a lot of his songs are focused on the experience with a flair of the story teller coming off the gate 11.

Sir Paul McCartney also has a defined Throat connected to the Identity via the leadership channel. He always has seemed to be a pied piper in a way with his songs almost saying, “Hey follow me, this way!”.  You could call this an octa-Throat, like an octopus, look at all those defined gates in the Throat. He can express himself in so many ways with so many flavors.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer song writer for Queen has an undefined Throat. Looking at the defined gates of his Throat we see the following:

  • Through his gate 45 he ruled the stage
  • His gate 35 talked about what we have done
  • His gate 31 lead the way
  • His gate 33 was a bit secretive
  • And his gate 62 had lots of details for all those lyrics

He was quite transformative with his Voice and was alleged to have a full 4 octave range.

There is a lot more that could be said about these designs and their Throats but hopefully this has given you a flavor of the power and varied expression of the Throat center in Human Design.

Who is this Hollaback Girl?

Gwen Stefani is an icon in the music industry. After an 18 year career headlining with the band No Doubt,  she launched a clothing line and a successful solo career. She has won 3 Grammy’s, 2 Billboard awards and an American music award. Lately she has made 5 appearances as a coach on The Voice and was the winning coach in the latest season, season 19.

Gwen has an eclectic style in music and fashion and you only have to watch a few episodes of The Voice to see the exotic flare she brings in her fashion. If she has a signature to her look, it might be her exposed midriff and bright red lipstick. At 51 she is holding her own against mother time. So let’s look at her Human Design to see what may have helped this Hollaback Girl be so successful.

At the core of her design, Gwen has the defined Sacral to the Spleen to the Heat-Will centers. In a sense, this is core power in the moment. She has the powerful Sacral of Generators, connected to the in-the-moment Spleen center through the nurturing and nourishing channel of the 50-27.  From the Spleen she has the 44-26 channel of the salesmen that connects the Heart-Will center, drawing you in and telling you what you need and want. On top of this she has the gate 45 talking about how to rule this all, or at least how to rock it.

Up top in her design between the Head and Ajna centers is the 61-24 channel, which brings her version of understanding the world through her music and her fashion. With this energy sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t, or maybe at times we are just not ready for it. But with a 5-1 profile, she brings a magnetic charisma that draws us in to see what she will do, sing or wear next.

Since coming to The Voice, Gwen has developed a budding romance with Voice coach and country star Blake Shelton. They recently announced their engagement in October of 2020. It seems to me that some of the eclectic combinations in her music and fashion are her undefined G-Identity center expressing variations of who Gwen is. As her relationship with Shelton has grown, so has her interest in country music which seems quite a twist for the pop rock oriented California girl.

Her latest single and music video, “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”, highlights her historical music fashion as she pulls out some of her old outfits and in a song that rides a real reggae vibe. I also wonder if part of the background energy pushing this forward now is the drive to express parts of her identity that were fading with the new country girl guise that she has been showing. This country girl expression in style and song is probably influenced by Shelton’s defined G-Identity center that is steeped in country music and county life. And who could blame her?!

Here is Gwen Human Design and check out her report here.






















Check out Gwen’s latest video and single wear she reintroduces all those different characters.


And what is a Hollaback girl you might ask?

Check out her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and see what she says and who drops in!


Joe Biden President Elect of the United States

Joe Biden is President elect of the United States. Here is a look at his Human Design and how that will influence and affect his efforts during his Presidency.

He is the incarnation cross of Contagion. Contagions are here to spread things or to get them to catch on. It will be interesting to see if his enthusiasm to bring the divided country together will catch on or fall flat. He has some powerfully emotional energies to amplify his messages with gate 55 of Spirit and the gate 30 the clinging fire.

He has an abstractly wired mind with the 64-47 channel, which has the potential to fit various people together on a team or committee or to fit different ideas together to create a more widely acceptable approach.

He has a defined identity through the 29-46 channel of saying yes and then sticking to the commitment. But the duality in this channel can sometimes mean giving up. He also carries the gates 14 and 44 which both carry elements of being able to identify what resources are needed and manage the allocation or use of those resources.

His throat as we have seen in the debates may be a challenge at times. He stuttered as a child and I would speculate that might have been in part due to the design in and around the throat. While his throat is undefined, he has 5 defined gates and the gate 43 reaching down toward the throat. Imagine all of these gates having something different to say. As a contagion he can’t help but say them all to spread their message. But those messages need to come together to be cohesive and coherent. The gate 43 puts pressure to express something he knows, but this is individual knowing which can be hard to explain to others. All this could lead to a bit of a struggle to express himself. He will likely do better, with rehearsed speeches, similar to the acceptance speech he gave Saturday night, that allow all of the things he has to say to be blended and polished.

He has a completely open will and at times he may have self-doubt, it is probably a benefit that he has a strong wife, Dr. Jill first lady elect, and his family to support him. His root is also undefined, so he is going to feel pressure to get a lot of things started and completed.  It is not surprising he has already put together a transition team and a Covid-19 task force. How will he do if he gets push back from the senate or congress?

His undefined Solar Plexus leaves him open to be influenced by emotional events and situations. But the defined gate 55 of spirit and 30 of clinging fire should be able to transform the emotion to the passion ruled by his Contagion cross.

As a 4-6 profile in the later stages of being a role model, he will likely exhibit the leadership that you would expect from a veteran politician.

Overall, Joe Biden has a lot of elements in his design that support his new job as President, but the proof will be in the execution of office over the next four years.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We are often led to believe that if we do things a certain way that there is the magic formula. There is also a common belief that if we put our mind to it or if we just focus, we can do IT! In some cases that may be true. But if we examine the world through our Human Design, we begin to see that it is probably not true, that one size does not fit all and certainly one approach is not the best approach.

Human Design is the art and science of differentiation. When we look at our design, we can clearly see that we are all wired very differently and because of this we all need to use the processes or take the approaches that best suits our design.

Take for example Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and coach. Now I will confess I have not taken any of his courses and only listened to a bit of some of his pitches. But I do sense an undertone of that one size fits all mentality. I am sure he has many great ideas and suggestions. But I do think from a Human Design perspective, his design pushes forward ideas and thoughts that work for people with a similar design as his.

When we look at his design, he has all four motors, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart-Will connected directly to the Throat. So Tony, can push convince and motivate people to:

  • Get Going! (Root)
  • Just Do it! (Sacral)
  • Really want it! (Heart-Will)
  • Emotionally Obtain it! (Solar Plexus)

Most of us aren’t like that so we would need to modify those motivations or “pitches” because we are not wired to sustain the energy the way he does. Most people do not have all four motors defined and those that do, like me, do not have them connected to the throat. So while I can feel those 4 points mentioned above internally, I would need a modified strategy to use them to my best advantage or they would likely come out feeling flat to others or not be heard at all.

Additionally, Tony is heavily wired tribally. He has 3 important tribal channels, the 59-6, the 19-49 and the 37-40, which also happens to be part of his incarnation cross. He cannot help but push a tribal agenda in his expression. While that will work for some of us, not all of us are oriented to be tribal in our design so that is not our thing. For those not wired to the tribe, trying to be tribal will likely cause frustration if not hardship and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, part of his tribal energy, the 59-6, has sexual tones so he can also use that in his appeal. Not all of us have that.

Again, I am sure Tony has a lot of great ideas and tips. I think there are a lot of coaching and coaching models out there to help us with our relationships and our personal accomplishments. Some if not many may have very good exercises and processes for us to become a better version of ourselves. But as you read about or sign up for these programs or sessions, please keep in mind that the one size or method does not fit all. Take into account their coaching suggestions and compare that to your design and how you are wired to act and make decisions. By doing that you can make the most of what you are being taught and integrate it with how you are designed and who you are here to be so you can accomplish what you are here to do on this Earthly plane.

RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

























I heard a radio lab podcast replay on the night RBG moved on from this world. The episode focused on a key trial in her career to get equal rights for women. From 1973 to 1976 she argued 6 cases of gender discrimination before the Supreme court, sometimes on behalf of women and sometimes for men. The case in focus on the podcast was actually two cases. She consulted on a case that represented men in Oklahoma and a woman who managed a drive through liquor store. At the time men in Oklahoma could not buy beer until they were 21 but women could buy beer at 18. The liquor store was next to Oklahoma State University and so the young men at the college would get the sorority girls to go buy beer for them.

The liquor store owner was trying to get the law changed and was represented by a somewhat stubborn male lawyer, who despite Ginsburg’s advice insisted on presenting the case to the Supreme court in his own way. His resulting experience in front of Supreme court did not go how he had planned. Yet somehow Ginsburg got on the Supreme court docket right after him on the same day for her case representing a woman in a discrimination case. Before the supreme court she was able to tie and weave these two cases together, and while they were both about discrimination, they were also very different in their details and aspect of the laws and how the constitution applied to them.

After I heard this, I was intrigued if I could see this in her design. I was not disappointed as sure enough once I ran her chart, I could see the core energies that not only helped her win this case but also helped shape her career to be that great judge that she was.


At the core of what I see, is she has a defined mind that is connected to the throat. These connections, give her consistency to deliver her thoughts and ideas with her voice and in writing her opinions. She has a lot of defined energy in the abstract circuitry (outlined in blue in the diagram below) and also a lot of defined energy in the logical circuitry (outlined in red). She has the gate 63 to focus doubt or attention of thought on a product, process or treatment of people as in this case. That circuit crosses over and she has the 17-62 channel which has opinions and infinitesimal details about that whatever is being discussed as well, all the while looking at it with a logical, step by step analysis.

But she also has the abstract circuitry which is putting the pieces of the puzzle together or grouping things that one might not logically think will fit together. She has the 64-47 channel to bring together the abstract and crossing over she has the gate 11 to tell the story of why or how those all go together.

In the cases cited by the podcast she had done just that, brought 2 cases before the supreme court that might not seem like they fit together but ultimately mesh and supported her cause that all people were equal or should be under the law regardless of their sex. She later went on to support other equality measures to combat gender discrimination.

An additional element of her design is her completely open identity center, which potentially gave her the ability to feel her defendants plight and later as a member of the supreme court put herself in others shoes. Also, she was the incarnation cross of Eden, so for each situation she contemplated whether abstractly or logically, she had the underlying emphasis of how could the outcome of the trial or ruling lead to a little part of Eden on earth, that beautiful garden that is peaceful, beautiful and supplies us with everything we need. I don’t think her dying request to wait until after the election to approve a replacement justice, was political. I think it was her design expressing itself as the right thing to do in Eden would be to let the people choose.

To see RBG’s full report …


To order your own report


Will the real Ellen please stand up?

As I was watching Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show the other day I started to contemplate the contrast of her behavior on her talk show verses her advertised other show Ellen’s Game of Games.

On the Ellen Show she is generally fun loving, dancing in the audience and chummy with the guests. She often gives away lots of prizes and gifts to the audience. I saw an episode where she sponsored an animal wildlife sanctuary and with the help of a sponsor. I think she sent them $10,000, and a ton of food for the animals.

Yet on her show Ellen’s Games of Games, she puts the contestants through all kinds of crap that could be seen as mean. She has contests where people get sprayed in the face with all kinds of messy stuff, drenched with water, blindfolded so they embarrass themselves and fall down and at the end 3 out of 4 people free fall from a very high height through a trap door when they get the question wrong and lose.

So just who is the real Ellen?

Will she please stand up!

(I’m not the only one asking this question. Joe MacLeod from the HMM daily seems to think she is Mean. Read More )

But I think it is more complicated than that and I was willing to wager that her Human Design would offer some clues.

So in looking at her design the first thing that stands out is she has a completely open G center. People with and open G can have an inconsistency in their identity.  For some it is more historical. The become a waitress, then a singer, then a mother, then a teacher etc. All in an attempt to uncover their real identity that has resonance for them. For others, like Ellen it can seem more variable in the moment. So there is an Ellen that can be sweet and generous and caring and there is an Ellen that can be wild and insulting and embarrassing and put people thru trauma. With the open G these can easily coexist and show there face periodically.

Looking at her design, it would appear the driving force in her “Meanness” is the gate 51 Shock. The 51 is all about waking people up or shaking people awake into a greater awareness and into Universal Love. Remember, in Human Design all of the energy is trying to reach the throat.  Look at the diagram below.


With Ellen’s design, if you follow her defined energy channels they are flowing like a river from Solar Plexus to her Root to her Spleen, where the Sacral energy also pours in and then to the Will and to the hanging gate 51. The 51 stretches toward her Identity and when it can, makes the jump of energy  to the Identity and then out the Throat into expression. The 51 potentially acts as capacitor, which builds up energy and then it allows it to shoot past. In this case shooting past with the flavoring of shock.

If we go back and look at the channels that feed this, there is the 28-38 which is struggle or the game of life. Hmmm… sounds fairly similar to Game of Games! I think behind her  games there is a provoking quality to look at life and these things you are trying or doing to your self.

Is the embarrassment, fear, humiliation worth the risk for the moment of fame and or money you might win?

Additionally, as Ellen is a 5th line which is projected energy. The platform of TV allows her to project this same message onto the viewers. Would I get shot in the face with goo, or dunked in water or drop from a height?

The mere thinking about it can make you wake up to the contemplation about life and risks and what exactly is the game of life that we play every day and what does it mean.

To me that is not Mean, it is an interesting contemplation that Ellen is giving us an opportunity to ponder.

So is Ellen Kind or Mean, I think she is both and many flavors in between and her open G leads the way for her to be this way.

Human Design Report For Ellen DeGeneres

Gets your report.

Ellen’s HD chart


A brief glimpse at the Human Design of the top 7 contenders for Democratic Presidential Primary 2020

Many of us are going to vote in the primaries next week as Super Tuesday rolls in or will be voting in the coming months. I will vote Tuesday but I have to say, I am still undecided at this point. Since I have been steeped in Human Design for the past 15 years I thought it would be worth while to look at what each candidates Design says about how they are wired to act and express themselves should they become the next President.

To keep this brief, for each candidate I will focus on the incarnation cross as I believe this is the platform we stand on for our life purpose. I will also include the profile as I feel, like spices, this energy flavors all of our expressions. Lastly I will add one or 2 other aspects I see in their design.  I will do my best to be objective, but we humans cannot prevent some filtering from occurring because we all have a design and look at the world through the lens of experiences that we have had. I will then close with a question. This may carry more of my opinion, but I am phrasing it as a question as maybe you too are wondering about that quality or thing within that candidate.

At the bottom of the post are links to the full Human Design report for each candidate.

If you are interested in ordering your own full Human Design report click here.

Note – The birth times for Klobuchar, Steyer and Warren are unknown so the default is to use noon but mention the other possibilities I see for them during that day.

These reviews are in random order as I literally picked their names out of a hat.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is supported by the cross of the Vessel of Love. So at the core of her energy is Love. It appears her focus of this love is to make sure every person gets a fair shake and corporations and other large entities need to act in a loving and compassionate way. If they don’t she is going to take it to them. Her design here is a 3-6 but since we do not know her time she could be a 3-5. Either way the 3rd line is about learning about life through trying things out, experimenting. She seems to have an air that says “I know this” as she speaks which is coming from the experience of her life. It is also possible if she was born in the first 3 1/2 hours of the day that she has the knowing channel in the mind which would further add to this “I KNOW” sentiment. Through her spleen to the Throat channel she is knowing in the moment. Her lead gate is gate of extremes(15) so she can come on as extreme or belabor a point to the extreme. Her Achilles heal in the design might be the hanging gate 36 which can cause  confusion or hesitation when faced with an unknown or new possible experience. She has the gate (7)  of leadership.

Is her perceived frustration due to the slowness and resistance to what she believes is the right thing to do, going to turn off voters or get in the way should she become the nominee and/or President?

Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is supported by the Cross of Duality. Duality energy understands the art of being busy and using that energy to duplicate. So if there is a program or model of how to do things over here, then you can use that same model to do it over there. Amy would likely be good at focusing on things that are working in certain places and helping them spread. She is either a 5-1 or 5-2 profile. Here 5th line is projected and sophisticated. I don’t know if we will fully understand Amy until she is in the public eye for a much longer time. It just takes longer to get to know 5th lines. She has a complex single definition, which is a good thing as the energy can all communicate together, like voices in the choir coming together to express themselves in harmony. She does carry a lot of tribal energy to support, sustain and carry the tribe forward in a direction that is safe and sustainable. While she is  wired emotionally, which at times may take longer for her to respond, this is well balanced by the tribal energies which will help make it a decision that will support the tribe properly. She also has the gate (7)  of leadership.

What does “tribe” mean for her since it is an integral part of her design?

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is supported by the Cross of Laws. Laws are all about doing things a certain way so they are safe and sustainable. These are not necessarily literal laws but basic behaviors that are repeatable so we don’t run out of food and we stay safe and warm etc. There are times when laws need to be changed, but that is generally a slow and measured process so we don’t make mistakes. But since the cross does carry mutation, Pete should be able to make change happen at a certain pace with caution in hand. Pete is a 4-6 profile so his network is very important to him and presents him opportunities. His 6th line is on the roof so he may seem aloof or reserved at times. He has a split definition, where his 3 motors are wired to the spleen meaning he can get things done quickly when it is the right thing to do. His defined channel to the throat is the story or hi(story) teller so it explains why he often uses stories to illustrate his points. He will be best with policies if they have a good story that will help him be strong at supporting them. He has an open solar plexus which can be influenced or overwhelmed by drama if he doesn’t shield it but he appears to have a good handle on that.

While the cross of laws is stable, will it allow him to move forward in a timely manner while supporting a broad enough coalition, because laws do tend to be tribal in nature?

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is supported by the Cross of Dominion. Dominion is heavily influenced by the mind, gates 64 and 63. They want to ingest thoughts and ideas and consume them. This is the ability to ingest a lot of data. However this thought energy is not fully grounded in reality, it is more theoretical. Bernie is a 5-1 profile so he carries the magnetism that has fueled his popularity. His 1st line behind the scenes carries energy to investigate and get to the detail level on issues. He is a projector here to guide and lead through his will to the identity. This means he will do what Bernie wants to do as he identifies with that cause or issue. His main channel is from the heart. With the heart as his only motor and his recent heart trouble, it does give me concern. The heart needs to work to rest. Will the demand of the oval office allow for that? He has the leadership gate (31) that is a social leader so it is no surprise socialism is a main theme.

Are the thoughts and ideas Bernie is pushing grounded enough to be achievable without mass disruption in the USA? 

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg is supported by the Cross of Contagion. Contagions are here to spread ideas and things that they are passionate about. Mike has a 2-4 profile which makes him a social connector.  His 4th line is a net worker and opportunist while his 2nd line is a natural at picking things up be they ideas or concepts. Mike has a quadruple split definition which is comprised of four separate  groups of defined centers. Essentially it is like having 4 voices within you when you are in the moment. For Mike these voices are:  abstract thought – putting the pieces of the puzzle together;  rulership – what I want for me;   doing it – what I am going to do and get done; what’s it gonna be – the experience that I am passionate that we have.  On one hand a split definition can make a person more balanced as they have multiple perspectives on things. On the other hand it can take time for the voices to come together under pressure and maintain the full balance of all the voices. Mike also has the gate (31) of the social leader.

What is Mike passionate about and which of his voices am I hearing from?

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer is supported by the Cross of Service. People on this cross are here to serve and be of service. When things are not of service it does not sit well with them. This is likely why Tom presents a focus of beating Donald Trump. In his mind Trump and his actions are not of Service. Tom started a hedge fund company that did very well but in 2004 began to get protests from Yale students about the environmental policies of some of the investments. Over time, Tom made a shift away from these investments and began funding and supporting environmental causes. So his support and talk about global warming seems based on the enlightenment where he realized taking care of the environment was very important to being of service to the greater good. Tom is either a 2-5 or 3-5 profile. The 5th line makes him complicated and harder to get to know. The 2nd line would explain why he said he was not going to run a year ago because for a 2-5 the limelight of running for president might be daunting. 2-5’s really need their down time. The 3rd line might explain the shift on the environment, when he saw that his investments were not working in conjunction with his service energy.

Have we really seen the full extent of Tom Steyer?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is also supported by the Cross of Contagion. Joe is here to spread what he is passionate about. It would seem that his main thrust is ideas and policies that are a return to the old standard policies that were the focus of the Clinton and Obama presidencies.  I think that may be why his campaign seems to lack excitement. It is harder to spread excitement about something old and established. It is easier to generate energy and excitement for something shiny and new. As a 4-6 profile Joe is off the roof and into his role model phase. He also carries the gate (31) of the social leader and this is bolstered by his role model stage. His 4th line means he is a good at networking. Joe has a split definition with the his identity power by his sacral motor. This voice speaks about what he can do or what he has done. He also has a defined mind that will think abstractly on how things go together. His split in conjunction with several hanging gates on his throat are probably why he has been struggling to get the words right when he is speaking in the recent debates. Simply put the throat cannot keep up with his excitement behind the ideas or point he is trying to make. The split does create a potential dilemma in his decision making. Is the decision is coming from the mind or is it coming from what is right to do right now. From the Human Design perspective the mind is an adviser and should not make the decisions.

Does Joe represent the changes and policies you want from our next President?

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