September 29, 2023

Incarnation Cross of Spirit

People born on the incarnation cross of spirit are infused with a lively and empowering energy that can spur the rest of us on to “get into spirit”. Three of the gates, the 16, 59 and 55 carry creatively powered energies giving people born on this cross a highly creative potential. The gasoline here, the core fuel, in the mix is the gate 55, the gate of spirit, which is individual in nature. However the gate 55 has a high potential for melancholy and that coupled with the individual nature of this energy is not always understood by the rest of us. This can lead to the ‘not self’ expression of the cross. This not self expression according to Ra could be a whiny depressed expression of spirit or perhaps call it dispirited.
But lets look at the positive aspects of the gates of the cross of spirit.

Gate Name Gate Gene Key Description
59 Dispersion Sexuality The Dragon in your Genome Sexual energy to promote tribal continuity.
55 Abundance Spirit The Dragonfly’s dream Creative spiritual expression that is emotionally fueled to have an experience.
16 Enthusiasm Skills Magical Genius Talented energy that can be easily expressed.
9 The Taming Power of the Small Energy for Detail The Power of the Infinitesimal Extreme focus, sometimes hyper focus.

The gate 59 has a focused energy to reproduce for the benefit of the tribe. The gate 55 has a passion to have an experience. As it is individual energy it is potentially unique to that person. The gate 16 brings talent to express what is being thought of or being created. The gate 9 brings incredible focus to the thought and to the detail. When we combine the 4 gates there is the potential to have a masterfully creative inspiration that is fueled with passion, detail and focus to bring us closer to the spirit of whatever the expression and or experience is targeting it to be. Spirit here could be spiritual as in God or it could be in the spirit of understanding the complexity of chess. It all depends on the cross of Spirit that is expressing this.

There is a challenge and balance in all this, if the cross of Spirit wishes for their vision to take hold and be understood. Typically because of the gate 59 has the drive to make connection, they will want to be understood or their spirit embraced. The challenge is the individual nature of the 55, the driving energy of the cross, may at times be so unique, that unless the timing is right the rest of us aren’t ready to catch the spirit.  If the creativity of the 55 is required to compromise, to be more mainstream, there is the possibility the passion which fuels the spirit will bleed out before the impact and the fever of the spirit will be lost. So the cross of Spirit dances with these factors in hopes to be of spirit and have their passion catch fire and spread.

Here are several cross of Spirit’s whose passions vary quite a bit.

*Note – Azzyland and Michael Dell are noon days charts as there birth time is not known. However all day they are cross of spirit.

Shania Twain – Music Legend

Shania YouTube – Did you catch UP the spirit?

Azzyland – an Instagram and YouTube star who features video game-centric content and cosplay elements.

Azzyland YouTube – – Did you say WoW?

Michael Dell – Founder of Dell Computers.




Match made in Heaven?

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are celebrating 22 years of marriage. Far out lasting many of the celebrity marriages, there union is a testimony to their connection. Sarah has stated that the key to their marriage is they are good friends. From the Human design standpoint their are some electromagnetic connections that helped draw them to each other and also form a foundation to keep them connected.

Electromagnetic connections are not all their is in relationship. There is harmony in the core energies, there is compatibility of the expression of the profiles and there is a recognition or an awareness of energetic expression. Some profiles like the 2nd and 5th lines are more hermit like and others like the 4th line are more social. Some profile pairings in relationship will have a natural balance as their is pure resonance and others will have a dance of balancing between different ends of the spectrum. For example, a couple that both have a second line may find a natural balance of the hermit energy and recognize the need in each other for down time. Couples without a resonance may find there needs to be give and take and understanding as they negotiate the differences and pulls of their profile energies.

In the case of Matthew and Sarah it is hard to say for sure about their profiles. Odds are they do not share a profile line. Sarah is for sure a 1-4. Very foundational in nature, with an eye toward an inward focus. Matthew is for sure more outwardly focused and likely to be a 3-5. His birth time is not known so it is possible if he was born in the last hour or so on his birth date, he could be a 3-6 or 4-6. If we do assume he is a 3-5, then this relationship would be a dance of the inward and foundational nature of Sarah and the more outward, experimental yet sometimes hermitting energies of Matthew.

However when we look at electromagnetic connections, when 2 hanging gates come together in the same channel, we do see a strong pull. Sarah and Matthew connect in some very important channels. In the chart below you can see the circled connections in the 59-6, the channel of sex and reproduction. The also form the channel of rhythm in the 15-5. Although  these energies do not always get along as the 5 is more steady rhythm and the 15 is extremes in rhythm, there still is a connection but this one may be more of a dance. They form the 44-26. the channel of surrender. This connection adds will power for Sarah and is an instinctive and tribal connection. While it is not elctromagnetic, Matthew has the full 37-40 channel of the Family and Sarah has the 37 as a multiplier. Overall, if their goals and beliefs are in alignment, these tribal energies of the 37-40, the 59-6 and the 44-36 will be like glue and hold them together in what can be a difficult world of a celebrity marriage and raising a family.

Additional if you look at the incarnation crosses there is potential harmony. Sarah is the Cross of Service. Essentially the Cross of Service is here to have opinions and corrections to bring about joy in life. Matthew is a Vessel of Love. Typically Vessels of Love are here to be love and love life. What is not to love about bringing more joy to life? So in a sense his cross supports her and her cross supports his.

So you could say, it was a match made by the heavens, since our designs come from the positioning of the planets and stars and the neutrino energies that give us our programming or design.

Composite chart for Sarah and Matthew



Sarah’s chart
See her full report
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Matthew’s chart
See his full report
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Dear Kelly

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

Please take care of yourself. While you showed a lot of heart and grit surviving and thriving through an appendicitis during hosting the Billboard music awards, your human design suggests you may be vulnerable to other health ailments, if you push yourself too far.

Wishing you blessings and Love!

Peter Roe ~ Human Design Coach

Kelly Clarkson has been on a whirlwind of productivity since she burst on the scene as the first American Idol in 2002. She has produced several albums, been on TV shows, produced a children’s book including an original lullaby and is a coach and mentor on the TV show The Voice. Most recently Kelly made the news as she hosted the Billboard awards, making a very energetic opening performance, all while in the midst of an appendicitis. Cringing in pain after the show she flew home for an emergency appendectomy. The Billboard Awards were sandwiched in between The Voice live shows which Kelly did not miss a beat and was back in the coaches chair the next week after her operation.

While I admire her perseverance, I am genuinely concerned for Kelly’s health as her human design shows she has a vulnerability. It is not public what her birth  time is so I will show a couple of charts. There are 2 things that pop out to me looking at her chart that don’t change through out her birth day.

  • Her Heart / Will center is completely open. This center is considered a pulse motor and needs to work then rest. Think about the heart. It beats, it rests, it beats, it rests. The Heart / Will is connected to self worth. People with an open or undefined center can push themselves to keep going to prove they are worthy, a true competitor. But without consistent energy, they don’t know when to rest.  The Heart / Will center is connected to the physical heart and the gall bladder. If you don’t allow the rest, you can end up causing physical damage. I have a friend who always accomplished things through will power. In their mid 30’s, they had their gall bladder removed. I ran their chart and sure enough the H/W center was open.
  • The other thing of Kelly’s design that stands out is what my wife Elvia calls the octa-Spleen. She has 3 channels and two hanging gates connected to the Spleen. Lots of splenic energy! She is wired to be in the moment, do in the moment, progress in the moment. It is not a surprise that she believes she can do it all, as she has all this energy to be in each moment.

If we take a deeper look at her connections to the Spleen this is what I see:

  • The 50-27 is the energy of Mothering and Fathering. It is nourishing and nurturing. Watching the voice you see her demonstrate these behaviors vividly as she coaches her flock of chosen artists.
  • The 34-57 is powerful energy to be and do in the moment. That is just what she does.
  • The 54-32 is a channel of progression, to work at it, to progress, to get better and better. I bet she pushed herself getting ready for her big number for the Billboard Awards.
  • Gate 44 – Is the instinctive or intuitive ability to recognize patterns or what needs to happen next.
  • Gate 28 – Is the energy of struggle or the fight to comprehend and understand more deeply what you are trying to push through.

All this make me think of her song Stronger:

Here she is appendicitis and all at the Billboard awards.

In conclusion, we can all get a little insight about the connection between our energetic design and our physical body, if we pause to take a look at our human design.

Since her birth time is not known, here are a couple possible charts for Kelly.




What makes John a Legend?

I will admit I didn’t know much about John Legend until the last couple years. I had heard his name and of course had heard his #1 song hit “All of Me”. He surfaced in my reality when he played the part of Jesus in a live TV production of Jesus Christ Superstar last year with Sara Bareilles. John is now famous for being one of very few people to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards).

John joined The Voice this winter as the newest coach to participate in this seasons singing competition. I really enjoy The Voice as they show a lot of talented artists. Most of all I admire that the coaches are always encouraging the competitors, trying to help them succeed. If you have never watched the show here is a brief explanation. There are 4 coaches who are in chairs facing away from the stage. The artists do a blind audition to the crowd and if the coaches hear someone they would like on their team, they press a button to turn around and watch the rest of the artists performance. If more than one coach turns around, each coach makes a pitch to the artist hoping the artist will choose them.  Once the coaches have filled their teams the competition begins and in the end 1 singer emerges a winner. The coaches are so positive that even when an artist is not selected, they get advice or direction of how they can improve and sometimes with the comment, “Then come back and try again”.

So what does this have to do with Human Design? As I watched the new coach, John Legend, interact with the artists and other coaches there was part of his behavior that I couldn’t quite grasp. From my viewpoint, while he often made very positive or praising remarks, there was an energy there that I couldn’t quite place. At first I thought he lacked sincerity, but that wasn’t it. So as the season progressed I continued to observe and ponder. Was it Ego?  Well Ego is a button or filter of mine, but no that was not really it. So I turned to the tool that I know the best to help understand this human behavior.

To give you a glimpse, here is some of his interaction in the first show.

After looking at his chart I see that this energy/behavior is hard to put a single word or classification on as it is a blend of several energies, but they are all there in his chart. Here is my analysis of contributing energies.

  • Gate 40 -Aloneness – I can do it alone I don’t necessarily need to be in the tribe or get close to the other coaches.
  • Gate 6 – Friction – I have my arm out and unless I allow it you can’t come inside my inner circle.
  • Gate 1 – The Creative – I am me, this is who I am, this is my creative expression, take it or leave it as I don’t care.
  • Gate 36 – Darkening of the Light – I am not sure about this experience that is going to happen, so I will proceed with caution.
  • Open Solar Plexus – I don’t want your drama or emotions.

Then if you look at his design as a whole:

John is the Cross of Service he is here to bring joy to life. He has attributes like gate 1 of knowing who he is and gate 43 of knowing what he knows. He has the gate 48 of going deep and with his cross gates he is confident of who he is, what he can do to bring joy to life. With the open Solar Plexus and other mentioned attributes, warm and fuzzy is not part of the package. With a defined Ajna he is likely to be more fixed in his actions and approach to things in life.  Maybe this comes of as slightly wooden but not exactly. Lastly with  line 5 in his profile he has the magnetism that the 5 carries and he draws us in. But the 5 doesn’t always love and attention and needs to withdraw so another barrier like factor but not exactly.

With John’s accomplishments he certainly is a Legend and now through this exercise I feel like understand him a bit better. We often like simple answers but through Human Design we can see that we are complex beings with a lot of different energies that can interact in so many different ways. The sum is not always clear or can be summed up in a single expression, but through Human Design it can be understandable.

Here is John’s chart.

Below the chart is Beauty and the Beast with Ariana Grande.



The voice of God?

Why does Morgan Freeman seem so convincing as God?

Actors and Actresses make good study for Human design as we get to see their expression through there body of work. While they are playing a part or a character, often there natural or defined energies shine through and help make them more believable in the role they are playing.

You may want to watch this clip from Bruce Almighty where Morgan Freeman is playing God to see what I am talking about.


Here are 8 reasons why his Human Design boosts his presence in the role of God.

  1. He has the energy in the mind of how abstract things fit together, channel 64-47. We would expect God to know how it all fits together and where we fit in.
  2. He can tell us what the experience will be and how it is going to worked out, the channel 36-35.
  3. He is king, gate 45, gate of rulership.
  4.  He has charisma. The 5th line leading in his profile is magnetic and projecting.
  5. He has Universal Love, gate 25.
  6. He is talented, gate 16.
  7. He is sure of his identity. His identity is powered from the Root to the Sacral, channel 60-3, then the Sacral to the Identity center, 14-2. This is strong and convincing power.
  8. He brings in passion when he speaks, gate 30 Clinging Fire.

In addition to playing God in the Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty movies, Morgan Freeman has also been the host for a Nat Geo series about God. I think many of his characteristics I mentioned above, along with his Curiosity from gate 56, lend a hand in his success in that role regarding God as well.To see more on that search you tube for “Morgan Freeman Nat Geo the story of God”. Interestingly enough, I saw an interview that Morgan Freeman did with Jimmy Kimmel where he implies he doesn’t believe in anything after this life. If that is his true take, he has done a pretty convincing job otherwise.

Wired for Song?

Carole King is a prolific song writer. She learned to play the piano at a very young age and the music has flowed out of her ever since. She has written scores and scores of hit songs for various artists and has had multiple billboard hits, #1 songs and #1 albums.

Where does all this music come from? Some might look at her Human Design and see she is wired for song.

If you look at the structure of her Head, Ajna and Throat, it takes on the appearance of a funnel. The energy is just flowing from inspiration or thought from the head, is processed by the Ajna and popping out the throat. Remember, the throat is about all expression, so that includes the notes from her piano or any other instruments she might call in.

The 43-23 reminds me a bit of a gumball machine. You pour ingredients into the mind and something is going to pop out, like you just put in a penny, ok in these days a quarter, the energy just pops out in some sort of expression. The interesting thing is the 43-23 is unique and individual  in it’s expression so people don’t always get it. In Carole’s case, her early career was working with her husband Gerry Goffin, who wrote the lyrics and at the direction of Don Kirshner, whose direction probably helped shape the product into timely melodies and songs.

But I digress, back to the mind which is the combo of the head and the Ajna. Carole is wired with both sides of the brain so she can take a logically progression of chords and add abstract combinations and continuously mesh these together to produce a song. Certainly, this has been an ally in her long and prolific career.

Carole and Gerry wrote a number hits for band like the Shirelles, the Drifters, the Monkees, James Taylor and Aretha Franklin. Interestingly, while she did record a few singles, these did not amount to much and she stopped doing it in the mid 1960’s. In 1968 she divorced her husband and moved to California with her daughters. It was in this new environment that she began a solo career in early 1970’s. One might look at her undefined identity and speculate before that she saw her identity as a writer and not necessarily the performer.

Once Carole saw herself as the singer performer, her career hit another level. Her 1971 album Tapestry, is a master piece and considered by Rolling Stone Magazine to rank #36 in the top 500 albums of all time. In December of 1971 she released another album Carole King: Music which also reached #1 in the charts and both Tapestry and Music were in the top 10 at the same time. How many artist can lay claim to 2 albums in the top 10 at the same time.

So here is how her other design energies support her. When you add to her mind, the power of her will that makes her a Manifestor, you have the creative spark to make it all happen. When you fold in the 3rd line experimental nature of her profile, you have the energy to try to mix it up to help create the great combination of notes and rhythm. When you also fold in the magnetism of the 5th line that can draw people in, that can project the feeling, thoughts and ruminations, you have that magic.

In addition, she has the channel of the game player of life(28-38), that could work through the struggles of a failed marriage and find a deeper meaning. She also has the channel of revolution, (19-49), that can ride along when things are working, but when it is not, looks to revolt and make a change like the one she made when she moved from New York to California. The revolution is also amplified by the gate 35 that is done when it is done.

So was Carole King wired for song, I would say, “You bet!”, just look at that chart!

But, you be the judge.


A Cross to Bear?

The incarnation cross in Human Design is a significant influence in your life. The energies come from the sun and earth during the formation of your body, 88 degrees or loosely 88 days before you are born, and at the moment of birth. The cross is made up of the combination of energies from these 4 gates from the sun and earth and together they tell a story. From the spiritual perspective I see these as a platform from which you can do the spiritual work of your soul, like life life lessons and or missions of understanding.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is known as Lady Gaga was born on the cross named Upheaval. The cross contains some sharper energies like; the Fighter gate 38, the Provocateur gate 39, Opinions gate 17 and Correction gate 18. Simply put a person born on the cross of Upheaval is here to shake things up, to get things moving that might be stuck, to express opinions about something with which to bring a deeper understanding of it, and ultimately provide correction to bring joy to life.

The fact is some crosses have softer energies, and some like Lady Gaga’s are pretty sharp. While I was thinking of the contrast of sharper and softer energies, the song “Easy, Easy life Sunday morning”, by Lionel Richie popped  into my head. So I ran his chart and there it was in his Human Design, he is a Vessel of Love, a softer energy.

But they all crosses have a purpose. Upheaval’s are here to make us look at things, to face things that perhaps we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding. They make us look at things in a deep way, to try and make them better or at least come to a deeper understanding and not just sit and ignore or passsively scratch the surface.

It has not always been easy for Lady Gaga. She was bullied as a kid and got a lot of bad press reviews as she was developing her career. But she says these experiences ultimately helped her to persevere. Perhaps some took her upheaval energies personally. A majority of the time, incarnation cross as well as other energies in a design are not expressed to be personal, they are just energy being expressed. The sun light when it shines into your eyes through your windshield is not personally trying to blind you it is just energy that was released.

Lady Gaga’s use of many different outfits, including at one point wearing a suit made out of meat, is also an expression of her completely open throat. The open throat can use dress and flare to hold the attention of the listener, since there is no sustainable energy  in the throat center to get or hold the attention or invitation in the first place.

You can take the approach that it is your cross to bear or you can take the lemons and make lemonade. Ultimately what we do with our cross, be it softer, sharper or somewhere in between, is to use it to stand on and pursue what we are passionate about. When we pursue what we are passionate about the brilliance of the cross energies shine through and illuminate those around us. They are impacted by our expression of our cross. Gaga has made a career of getting us to look at things in a different way and Richie has helped us feel it with love and tenderness. Both are using their crosses to support their mission here on Earth.

If you want to read more about Lady Gaga’s Human Design you can read her report here.

You can order your personal report here.


Here are some video examples of Lady Gaga’s cross energy being expressed.


Perfect Illusion



You Complete Me!

In relationships, Human Design can play big part. As with all of life, this is where energy comes together. But in close and lengthy relationships, the interaction of the energy can play a huge part. You have probably heard the expression, “You complete Me!” and in certain relationships that is exactly what happens.

Good Actors and Actresses are very good at convincing us that they are the character they are playing. When they play parts as a couple, we may comment they have good chemistry or they don’t have chemistry. It is part of what makes a good pairing in a Movie. The movie Pretty Woman was wildly successful in the 1990, where it introduced Actress Julia Roberts to the world. She played a prostitute who meets up with a very wealthy and highly successful business man played by Richard Gere. While these are two great Actors and much of the success is certainly due to them, I would venture to say it was the chemistry of their Human Design, that was the magic that fueled such wide success.

In an interview for the 25th anniversary in 2015, Richard told the story of how he met the young relatively new actress Roberts went on to convince the director to give her the part, perhaps over more seasoned actresses. Sure, perhaps it was her beauty and charm, but behind the scenes I would speculate that the alchemy of Human Design was at work.

In Human Design, when one person has one gate in a channel and the other person has the other gate we call this an electromagnetic connection. Just like how two magnets pull toward each other, electromagnetic connections have been pulling people together for ions. If a couple has 2 or 3 of these connections that is typically a persuasive pull. In the case of Julia and Richard, it is like a tidal wave with 6 of these connections.

In addition, Julia gives Richard 2 tribal channels related to sex and promotion of the tribe, and Richard Gives Julia, the full channel of Family. With the sum of all these connections and channels they really do complete each other in the Human Design sense. It is part of what makes them such an irresistible pairing in the movie and fuel for the viewer, to root for this unlikely relationship to succeed. We can feel that their energy is meant to be together.
See some of the chemistry unfolding in this scene.

So let’s break the connections down in terms of Human Design in the composite chart below.

I have used ovals to highlight their electromagnetic connections.

  • Head to Ajna – 61-24 – Individual understanding
  • Ajna – Throat – 43-23 – Individual knowing expression (freak to genius)
  • Ajna – Throat – 17-62 – logical opinions and details
  • Throat – Heart-Will – 45-21 – ruler-ship – owning it
  • G-Self – Spleen 10-57 – being yourself in the moment
  • Root – Sacral – 60-3 – mutative creation

I have used rectangles to highlight the channels they give each other.

From Julia

  • Spleen to Sacral – 50-27 – mothering and fathering energy
  • Sacral to Solar Plexus – 59-6 – sex and reproduction
  • Head to Ajna – 64-47 – Abstract understanding

From Richard to Julia

  • Solar Plexus – Hear-Will 37-40 – family

Here are their individual Charts.


When your Human Design wants to have a Voice!

There are times when your Human Design will speak up and express itself even if you are not aware of it. Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer and one of the judges on the TV show The Voice. A few weeks ago I was watching and there around Kelly’s neck was her Human Design speaking out. Not exactly speaking, but the word was there. “LOVED” said her necklace, and I knew right there, part of her design was speaking out. I had a strong feeling not only did she support that feeling of LOVED, but there is part of her design that needed that reminder.

So when we look at her chart there are 2 elements that jump out screaming I want to feel LOVED.
First the G or Identity center is undefined for Kelly. Undefined or fully open G’s, have a longing or yearning to feel Love. It is not that they don’t feel loved, but being undefined, there is a lack of structure to hold the consistency of that feeling so they need to reinforce it. If you are in a relationship with an open or undefined G they may ask you, “do you love me?”

Secondly the Heart/Will center is completely open. While not always strictly in the vibe of love, it is about feeling worthy of the self. I often coach my clients who have an open or undefined Heart/Will center, to create some kind of reminder, a post it or a drawing for themselves to remind them, they are worthy, they have done great things! It is not about whether they are worthy, because of course we have all done great things at some point in our lives. It is about the consistency and being able to feel it. With reminders, we are able to supplement our consistency and remember we are worthy, we are LOVED, like the lovely necklace Kelly displayed.

Another aspect that Kelly displays frequently on the show, is her undefined throat. The other judges, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine often poke fun of Kelly as she rambles on trying to win over a contestant. This is an aspect that comes out with some people who have an open or undefined throat. The throat is trying to stay in control of the conversation but the wiring is not there to provide consistent words for expression, so it turns into more of a ramble. I am guessing you may know someone like that. Now people with a defined throat can talk for hours on end, but if you listen carefully you will hear more power in there speech and probably more substance.

So what advice would I have for Kelly if she consulted with me? Awareness, awareness is the key. Wear that necklace as it is a great reminder you are Loved, you are Love and you are totally worthy. Be conscious of what you are saying and how much you say. Sometimes less is more. The beauty of the undefined throat is it can distill what is said, to deliver a juicy nugget of wisdom.

And if you have noticed, that sometimes my post could say more, this open throat is taking my own advice.
Here is Kelly’s Chart

The Magical World of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Fred Rogers created a world where children could learn about the world in a safe and loving environment. He talked to children about all kinds of topics including death, divorce and racism. At a time when some white people were blocking and harassing black people in public swimming pools, Mr. Rogers had Officer Clemmons, played by Francois Clemmons, share a foot pool with him, to demonstrate acceptance, equality and friendship. While they were sharing the pool they were singing “There are many ways to say I love you”.

See Francois’s comments in this clip.

So where did the magic come from. I would say the magic came from the stars. Fred Rogers was born on March 20, 1928 into a human design that is on the cross of the Vessel of Love (VOL). Powered by the Love gates and led by his lead gate of Universal Love, Fred was born into a design to show that everyone and everything deserves love equally.

In Fact, I think it was the universal quality to his love that made it so appealing.  As you may know, there are 4 variations of VOL’s and I think another flavor may have slewed his energy in another direction. For example, if he had Lead Gate 1o, Behavior of the self it might have felt more judgmental; or the lead gate 46, Love of the body, may have been more into physical stature or appearance; or the lead Gate 15, Love of Humanity, gate of extremes, might have gone off in a more specific direction.   But he was just universal, the love was just there, persistent, present in  all directions in everything he did.

Here are a couple quotes by him that we could all take to heart.

The greatest thing we can do, is to help somebody know, that they’re loved and capable of loving.

Love is at the root of everything, all learning, all relationships, love or the lack of it.

The last part of the quote, “love or the lack of it” is something a Vessel of Love knows innately. Seeing love, being in the presence of love is like water or air, VOL’s need it to survive and thrive. Based on the descriptions of his upbringing and his life it seems he was well nourished.

So while the magic was in the seed of his design, his life and his actions allowed it to flourish. He followed his passions of music, flying, swimming and TV. He wanted to go into TV because he felt it was a powerful tool that was not being used for education. Boy, did he change that.

Fred’s Vessel of Love, gets extra power from his sacral center, with the channel 29-46 to say yes and push through getting it done, and the channel of rhythm 5-15 to flow when it is ready to flow. In addition, he has a well powered throat, with the 21-45 powering it with heart/will energy and the 35-36 providing the emotional energy to have and ride out the experience.  Reading his history on Wikipedia, you can see his manifesting generator path, responding to opportunities presented. He transferred after a couple years in college to focus on music. He was at NBC and decided to move to a local TV station to work as a puppeteer. In fact during that time he developed some of the puppets that became characters on his show. It was at this station, a few years later that the 2-4 opportunist got his opportunity to create his show that ran for over 30 years. His 2-4 profile was likely beneficial in creating his opportunities via the 4th line. Also, both the 4th and 2nd lines to added to his VOL qualities in making approachable, while the 2nd line got invitations as well as invoked some quiet time to absorb, digest and naturally develop dialogue for children on challenging subjects. All along he delivered sometimes challenging messages with an underlying blanket of love.

His work didn’t stay within the boundaries of the show as he was a champion of 5 human rights issues. More on that here.

So did the design make the man or the man make himself? I would say a lot of column A and and a lot of column B.

We all have magic and gifts within our designs. They are just the seeds and it is up to us to become aware of them and maximize the potential. Be a great neighbor!

Here is a trailer from a new movie out about Mr. Rogers and his great work.

Here is his chart.