July 18, 2024

Match made in Heaven?

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are celebrating 22 years of marriage. Far out lasting many of the celebrity marriages, there union is a testimony to their connection. Sarah has stated that the key to their marriage is they are good friends. From the Human design standpoint their are some electromagnetic connections that helped draw them to each other and also form a foundation to keep them connected.

Electromagnetic connections are not all their is in relationship. There is harmony in the core energies, there is compatibility of the expression of the profiles and there is a recognition or an awareness of energetic expression. Some profiles like the 2nd and 5th lines are more hermit like and others like the 4th line are more social. Some profile pairings in relationship will have a natural balance as their is pure resonance and others will have a dance of balancing between different ends of the spectrum. For example, a couple that both have a second line may find a natural balance of the hermit energy and recognize the need in each other for down time. Couples without a resonance may find there needs to be give and take and understanding as they negotiate the differences and pulls of their profile energies.

In the case of Matthew and Sarah it is hard to say for sure about their profiles. Odds are they do not share a profile line. Sarah is for sure a 1-4. Very foundational in nature, with an eye toward an inward focus. Matthew is for sure more outwardly focused and likely to be a 3-5. His birth time is not known so it is possible if he was born in the last hour or so on his birth date, he could be a 3-6 or 4-6. If we do assume he is a 3-5, then this relationship would be a dance of the inward and foundational nature of Sarah and the more outward, experimental yet sometimes hermitting energies of Matthew.

However when we look at electromagnetic connections, when 2 hanging gates come together in the same channel, we do see a strong pull. Sarah and Matthew connect in some very important channels. In the chart below you can see the circled connections in the 59-6, the channel of sex and reproduction. The also form the channel of rhythm in the 15-5. Although  these energies do not always get along as the 5 is more steady rhythm and the 15 is extremes in rhythm, there still is a connection but this one may be more of a dance. They form the 44-26. the channel of surrender. This connection adds will power for Sarah and is an instinctive and tribal connection. While it is not elctromagnetic, Matthew has the full 37-40 channel of the Family and Sarah has the 37 as a multiplier. Overall, if their goals and beliefs are in alignment, these tribal energies of the 37-40, the 59-6 and the 44-36 will be like glue and hold them together in what can be a difficult world of a celebrity marriage and raising a family.

Additional if you look at the incarnation crosses there is potential harmony. Sarah is the Cross of Service. Essentially the Cross of Service is here to have opinions and corrections to bring about joy in life. Matthew is a Vessel of Love. Typically Vessels of Love are here to be love and love life. What is not to love about bringing more joy to life? So in a sense his cross supports her and her cross supports his.

So you could say, it was a match made by the heavens, since our designs come from the positioning of the planets and stars and the neutrino energies that give us our programming or design.

Composite chart for Sarah and Matthew



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