September 28, 2021

Human Design Directional Reading (1 Hour)

This one hour reading is designed to give you insight and focus on how your human design relates to your current life. I can explain where you have energy and how you can consistently express your self in regards to the relevant things going on in your life.

For each area of Human Design, we can talk about micro strategies to best utilize your design for optimum results to bring enhanced harmony and flow and balance into your life.

In the reading I will explain your design as it relates to

  • relationships
  • career decisions
  • understanding the design of a loved one, a significant other, a child, a sibling or parent
  • examine your life purpose
  • other events going on in your life
  • goals you want to achieve

This is a one hour reading over the phone or via skype and it is recorded on an mp3 file that you can download or listen to online.

Price $125