May 21, 2024

One Size Does Not Fit All

We are often led to believe that if we do things a certain way that there is the magic formula. There is also a common belief that if we put our mind to it or if we just focus, we can do IT! In some cases that may be true. But if we examine the world through our Human Design, we begin to see that it is probably not true, that one size does not fit all and certainly one approach is not the best approach.

Human Design is the art and science of differentiation. When we look at our design, we can clearly see that we are all wired very differently and because of this we all need to use the processes or take the approaches that best suits our design.

Take for example Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and coach. Now I will confess I have not taken any of his courses and only listened to a bit of some of his pitches. But I do sense an undertone of that one size fits all mentality. I am sure he has many great ideas and suggestions. But I do think from a Human Design perspective, his design pushes forward ideas and thoughts that work for people with a similar design as his.

When we look at his design, he has all four motors, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart-Will connected directly to the Throat. So Tony, can push convince and motivate people to:

  • Get Going! (Root)
  • Just Do it! (Sacral)
  • Really want it! (Heart-Will)
  • Emotionally Obtain it! (Solar Plexus)

Most of us aren’t like that so we would need to modify those motivations or “pitches” because we are not wired to sustain the energy the way he does. Most people do not have all four motors defined and those that do, like me, do not have them connected to the throat. So while I can feel those 4 points mentioned above internally, I would need a modified strategy to use them to my best advantage or they would likely come out feeling flat to others or not be heard at all.

Additionally, Tony is heavily wired tribally. He has 3 important tribal channels, the 59-6, the 19-49 and the 37-40, which also happens to be part of his incarnation cross. He cannot help but push a tribal agenda in his expression. While that will work for some of us, not all of us are oriented to be tribal in our design so that is not our thing. For those not wired to the tribe, trying to be tribal will likely cause frustration if not hardship and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, part of his tribal energy, the 59-6, has sexual tones so he can also use that in his appeal. Not all of us have that.

Again, I am sure Tony has a lot of great ideas and tips. I think there are a lot of coaching and coaching models out there to help us with our relationships and our personal accomplishments. Some if not many may have very good exercises and processes for us to become a better version of ourselves. But as you read about or sign up for these programs or sessions, please keep in mind that the one size or method does not fit all. Take into account their coaching suggestions and compare that to your design and how you are wired to act and make decisions. By doing that you can make the most of what you are being taught and integrate it with how you are designed and who you are here to be so you can accomplish what you are here to do on this Earthly plane.