April 12, 2024

All Roads

There is a saying, “all roads lead to Rome.” In the days of the Roman empire, it was true literally as all the roads radiated out of Rome to the rest of the Roman empire. These roads went across Europe, to parts of Africa, to the middle east and even through parts of Britain. In the Human Design system, the Throat center is Rome. As you may know all of the centers, gates and channels have characteristics, architypes or energetic tendencies and all of these want to make it to the throat to be expressed.

Expression can come in many forms from words, song, art, body language and even lack of action or expression is in itself a form being expressed. So, when looking at a design it is important to observe the defined and undefined wiring in relation to the Throat. A defined Throat is going to have an easier path to expression where as an undefined or open Throat may take more time to express, and will potentially express with inconsistent energy.  A defined Throat may have a more consist volume or particular flavor of expression and an undefined Throat may provide more distillation of the expression.

Now not all energy heads straight for the throat. The logic circuit for example flows down for the head via the 63-4 where it hypothesizes if something is good or works well; then crosses over at the Ajna to flow via the 17-62 where we have opinions and details and arrives at the Throat. Next it flows down the 16-48 channel of talent to the Spleen and from there down the 18-58 getting correction to bring joy to life.  At the Root the circuit heads back up to the Sacral with focus coming from the 52-9 and then crosses over and flows via the 5-15 channel of rhythm to the G and then via the 7-31 channel of leadership arrives back at the Throat. But keep in mind while this is the pattern of this logical circuit it doesn’t mean the energy can’t flow the other way as well where the correction of the 18 can bring about more depth in the 48 and that depth can be expressed with the talent of gate 16 out the Throat.

So, let us take a detailed look at some Throats of these famous musicians.

Mariah Carey has a completely open throat. Her open Throat can be a chameleon and transform itself or be a pure distillation of what she wants to express. Her latest Greatest Hits album is an assortment of a wide variety of Artists songs from Karen Carpenter to Ann Murray to Celine Dion.  https://youtu.be/fGIc4qEmWqM

Her three main influences on her Throat are her abstract thinking mind, putting pieces together, her Sacral self-powered Identity, and her joy to life Root to Spleen.

Prince on the other hand has a defined Throat from the Solar Plexus that wants to talk about the experience. If you think about it, a lot of his songs are focused on the experience with a flair of the story teller coming off the gate 11.

Sir Paul McCartney also has a defined Throat connected to the Identity via the leadership channel. He always has seemed to be a pied piper in a way with his songs almost saying, “Hey follow me, this way!”.  You could call this an octa-Throat, like an octopus, look at all those defined gates in the Throat. He can express himself in so many ways with so many flavors.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer song writer for Queen has an undefined Throat. Looking at the defined gates of his Throat we see the following:

  • Through his gate 45 he ruled the stage
  • His gate 35 talked about what we have done
  • His gate 31 lead the way
  • His gate 33 was a bit secretive
  • And his gate 62 had lots of details for all those lyrics

He was quite transformative with his Voice and was alleged to have a full 4 octave range.

There is a lot more that could be said about these designs and their Throats but hopefully this has given you a flavor of the power and varied expression of the Throat center in Human Design.