May 21, 2024

What does Split Definition mean?

In Human Design there is a concept of Split Definition. A split occurs when there are defined centers that do not all connect together through defined channels. Overall there are 5 different possibilities regarding definition in Human Design. Here is a list from simple to complex.

  • No Definition
    • This would be a reflector that has no centers defined.
  • Single Definition
    • This is a design that has all the defined centers connected. This could range from just 2 centers defined and connected to all 9 centers connected.
  • Split Definition
    • A Split definition could probably be referred to as a double split as it results in two distinct groups of centers that are defined and connect but there is no defined connection between the 2 groups.
  • Triple Split Definition
    • Like it’s name, the triple split has 3 groups of defined centers that are connected within the group but not connected to the other groups.
  • Quadruple Split
    • This is a rare occurring design, as there are 4 groups of defined centers that do not connect with each other.

In a minute I will talk about what impact the splits have on a design, but first lets step back and review how a center gets defined. If you look down at Whitney Houston’s chart you can see that under the design gates, the red numbers on the left, she has the gate 62 in the North Node and the gate 17 in Jupiter. Lets picture a completely blank chart that we start to color in.

So for Whitney…

  • we would color in the 62 as a defined gate
  • then we would color in 17 as a defined gate
  • 2 gates make up a channel and in this case they are both defined so now the channel is defined
  • In design, when we have a defined channel between two centers, both centers become defined and are colored in.
  • So now the Head and Ajna are defined and colored in.

To complete the design we would continue to color in all the defined gates. Where defined channels occur then we would color in those attached centers as well. Hopefully, now you can see how the groups of defined centers are being formed and in fact how all of the body graph is colored in or not.

But what does a split represent? If you think about design as a collection of energetic expression where each gate, channel and center have archetypal characteristics, then you can conceive that these  energies can flow together. If there are defined channels between the groups of centers then the energy can flow more easily and quickly. However, if there are gaps, white gates or channels that are undefined, then these can offer resistance between the defined groups and slow down the harmonization of the energy into a common voice or expression.

So when you have splits, in the moment it can be like there are multiple voices from within trying to express themselves. It may take time to come to a point of expression or harmonized action.

Another affect of having splits is that you may be drawn to people that bridge those gaps. If we look at Billie Eilish below, she might be drawn to someone that has the gate 6 that will connect her 2 groups of centers all together. In the presence of someone with gate 6, she can harmonize the emotional voice of the Solar Plexus and Root group, with the doing for me voice of the Sacral and Identity group. Interesting fact, her brother, Finneas, with whom she preforms and creates music, does have the gate 6. This probably lends itself to the closeness of their relationship.

Here are some examples of the different types of definition. Also, I have included links to the detailed reports for the celebs below. To get your custom report click here.

No Definition – Reflector

Sandra Bullock has no centers defined.

Human Design Report For Sandra Bullock











Single Definition

Whitney Houston had no splits and all of her defined centers are connected together.

Human Design Report For Whitney Houston











Split Definition

Billie Eilish has 2 groups of centers. The Sacral and Identity (labelled group 1) and the Solar Plexus and Root (group 2).

Human Design Report For Billie Eilish












Triple Split Definition

Karen Carpenter has 3 groups of defined centers

  1. Head and Ajna
  2. Throat and Heart/Will
  3. Identity and Sacral

Human Design Report For Karen Carpenter











Quadruple Split Definition

An uncommon and complex configuration. Four groups of centers defined but not connected. Here are the connections and perhaps what the initial expression is.

  1. Head and Ajna -What I think about this situation or question or interaction etc.
  2. Identity and Sacral – What I want to do for me about this.
  3. Heart/Will and Spleen – What I willfully want to do right now!
  4. Solar Plexus and Root – What I emotionally want to get started about this.