June 12, 2024

Joe Biden President Elect of the United States

Joe Biden is President elect of the United States. Here is a look at his Human Design and how that will influence and affect his efforts during his Presidency.

He is the incarnation cross of Contagion. Contagions are here to spread things or to get them to catch on. It will be interesting to see if his enthusiasm to bring the divided country together will catch on or fall flat. He has some powerfully emotional energies to amplify his messages with gate 55 of Spirit and the gate 30 the clinging fire.

He has an abstractly wired mind with the 64-47 channel, which has the potential to fit various people together on a team or committee or to fit different ideas together to create a more widely acceptable approach.

He has a defined identity through the 29-46 channel of saying yes and then sticking to the commitment. But the duality in this channel can sometimes mean giving up. He also carries the gates 14 and 44 which both carry elements of being able to identify what resources are needed and manage the allocation or use of those resources.

His throat as we have seen in the debates may be a challenge at times. He stuttered as a child and I would speculate that might have been in part due to the design in and around the throat. While his throat is undefined, he has 5 defined gates and the gate 43 reaching down toward the throat. Imagine all of these gates having something different to say. As a contagion he can’t help but say them all to spread their message. But those messages need to come together to be cohesive and coherent. The gate 43 puts pressure to express something he knows, but this is individual knowing which can be hard to explain to others. All this could lead to a bit of a struggle to express himself. He will likely do better, with rehearsed speeches, similar to the acceptance speech he gave Saturday night, that allow all of the things he has to say to be blended and polished.

He has a completely open will and at times he may have self-doubt, it is probably a benefit that he has a strong wife, Dr. Jill first lady elect, and his family to support him. His root is also undefined, so he is going to feel pressure to get a lot of things started and completed.  It is not surprising he has already put together a transition team and a Covid-19 task force. How will he do if he gets push back from the senate or congress?

His undefined Solar Plexus leaves him open to be influenced by emotional events and situations. But the defined gate 55 of spirit and 30 of clinging fire should be able to transform the emotion to the passion ruled by his Contagion cross.

As a 4-6 profile in the later stages of being a role model, he will likely exhibit the leadership that you would expect from a veteran politician.

Overall, Joe Biden has a lot of elements in his design that support his new job as President, but the proof will be in the execution of office over the next four years.