June 12, 2024

Witnessing Human Design in Bradley Cooper

My impression of Bradley Cooper from his movies and an interview I saw, gave me the impression of a very self confident, motivated person wishing to maximize his life experience. However, last week I listened to a great podcast from the series SmartLess, where he was interviewed by his good friends Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. Bradley revealed past struggles with self worth, trying to find himself and showed he went through a very vulnerable time. After running his chart it is no surprise, his Human Design is written all over his life experiences. Let me elaborate on how I see his Human Design influencing his life.

In the interview there is a great illustration of a completely open G/Identity center. The open G is vulnerable to influences from the people it is surrounded by, and often may ask the question, “Am I loveable?”  Bradley describes how he lacked self confidence and he looked up to comedians like Will Arnett and others as role models. Their humor was often cutting or bordering on mean. Bradley and his open G took on this persona and would often use this type of humor in social situations, thinking it was funny and it made him appear funny.  The conversation moves to a to a pivotal moment in the earlier days of their friendship. Will and Bradley, who were neighbors had been out  to dinner with others the previous night. Will stops by the next day and asks Bradley, “How do you think it went last night?”. Bradley says “I remember thinking I was so funny!” and these 2 guys I respect thought I was so funny.  Will cuts him down to size and points out he was an asshole and acted like an asshole (pardon the language I am quoting Will). This is an awakening for Bradley, realizing he had a problem with drugs and alcohol and a problem in how his open G was incorrectly portraying who he really was. It was a turning point for him to see this persona of mean or aggressive humor was not him, just an amplification by his open G of what he admired in others. He was wanting to be loved for being funny, yet it wasn’t being delivered that way and didn’t come off that way. While that style works for Will, (who has a defined G), it did not work for Bradley and he came of as aggressive. Bradley just does not have the definition to pull off that persona in a consistent and or correct manner.

Jason goes on to comment how Hollywood and fame is known to shape a person, often to be more vein or stuck up. However, in Bradley’s case and through this awakening it helped shape him to be more in alignment with his design and allow his caring and professional style to shine through his open G.

Further interesting to the story  and this relationship is that Will is the incarnation cross of the Sphinx. Sphinx’s are all about direction. All 4 gates of the cross of the Sphinx are giving out direction. Will’s lead gate is gate 2, home to magnetic monopole. Gate 2 is about being in the flow in life. The monopole pulls us into the stream of life if we allow it.  Will’s interchange that day, helped Bradley change his course and get back into his flow.

There are other parts of his design that stand out as well. The described incident happened shortly after Bradley went up on the roof as Bradley is a sixth 6th line profile. Going up on the roof for 6th lines is a great change of perspective, moving from 28 years of looking inward to about 23 years of looking outward, watching the world and how it works. From the perspective of the roof, it was probably easier for Bradley to see the incongruity with how he was expressing himself and who he really is.

As the cross of Individualism, he has the gates 51 Shock and 39 Provocation which likely played a hand in his “mean” humor. While the overall intention of the energy is to awaken someone, the delivery was mispackaged resulting in hurt instead of awakening.

Later in the conversation Bradley talks about his daughter and how he really wanted a child. You can see this in his design with the gate 50, fatherly energy and the gate 37 the gate of the family.

I am sure there is more that can be drawn relating his design to the things revealed in the interview, maybe you can find some too.

Link to the SmartLess podcast with Bradley

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