July 17, 2024

Is the Voice too much for Ariana Grande?

The Voice is my favorite musical talent show because it highlights very gifted artists and the coaches really seem to care about the talent that they work with. To some who have only seen the American version of The Voice they might not know the vast spread of the show across the Globe. The show was invented in the Netherlands and has spread across the Globe from Australia to Korea to South America, Africa and so many more countries too many to name. More info on Wikipedia.

This season on Americas version of the Voice features artist Ariana Grande as the newest coach of the shows 21st season. Through the blind auditions that start the show to the early stages Ariana seemed to be adjusting and getting her footing as she competes against veteran coaches Kelly Clarkson, the legendary John Legend and the Americas Voice patriarch Blake Shelton. But as the show has progressed, it seems it has gotten more and more challenging for Ariana. For those not familiar with the show, the coaches chose a set number of artists by listening to them without seeing them. Once they chose their artists they enter into the competition and artists compete and are eliminated by competing against each other. As the weeks go by more and more artists are eliminated. The contestants that survive elimination spend more and more time with their coaches and the coaches getting to know each other on a deeper and more personal level and start to see more of their talent and their dreams and aspirations.

As this season progressed Ariana’s dilemma seems to have come forth fueled by her human design. Ariana has seemed more and more emotional and at times unable to speak or clearly communicate her reaction to the contestants performances. Lets look at the Human Design and see how that factors into Ariana’s reactions and potential dilemma.

1. Ariana has an undefined Solar Plexus. With only one gate off this center she is significantly impacted emotionally by her team and when they face elimination and the emotions they feel of going home Ariana feels them intensely. Additionally the one gate, gate 30 off the Solar Plexus, carries the energy of fantasy, hope and the emotions and of what could be. It is easy just from this center to see the impact her team members have on her.
2. She has an undefined Will center. Ariana can feel and amplify her mentees sense of self worth or lack if they are facing elimination. The one gate, gate 21, that she does have is the huntress, to go out and get what you need and all these artists on the show are hunting for their opportunity to make it on The Voice stage. I am sure on some level she want to give them some of this energy.
3. She has a completely open G/Identity center. People with an open G center have the ability to feel and embody the Identity of others, especially those they get close to. As Ariana spends more and more time with her contestants she is likely to deeply feel who they are. If leaving the show is their fate she feels it as deeply as they do, maybe deeper. All their identifying with dreams of success and failure will pulse through Ariana’s being.
4. Ariana is the cross of Service. She wants her team members to achieve their higher purpose and as a coach I am sure works hard to guide, give opinions and correction to give them joy to life. If they go home or face going home does not bring joy to their life or Ariana’s.
With all these parts of Ariana’s design, she can not help but deeply feel for each of her team and their fate. It was probably best illustrated on the show recently, when she recently flashed a hand made poster saying Ariana’s team forever and expressed that she would always stay connected to her team. Truly she has been impacted by these contestants she has worked with. Hopefully it has not been overly impactful and she can keep going with The Voice as the wonderful supportive and involved coach. As I commented in an earlier post about Ariana, she experienced vocal issues while on tour, and this season that experience was reflected in the Blind Auditions as she gave her team members, a throat kit lunch box with items to support their vocal health, totally reflecting the Cross of Service that she is.

Here is an example of Ariana’s dilemma on the voice.


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