May 21, 2024


“Your report is wonderful, thank you for all you do!” – Christine


I found this report to be valuable and insightful. I highly recommend it for self-understanding and also, to understand others. Such a great tool for learning too. I’m ordering them for my friends and family!! Excellent source of information. Thank you, Peter!
In Gratitude, Christine

Cynthia Farina

I love when I reach out to Peter for a human design reading. I feel as if he intuitively knows exactly which areas need to be highlighted and explained.
I always feel better after having a reading. I leave understanding more about why I tick the way I do. How to recognize some of my challenges as well as my strengths. Finding out my profile and type literally opened up so much for me. I highly recommend getting a reading if it’s to just learn your human design or just to gain more clarity within a situation or decision.


Regarding the turbo reading and report –
Thank you so much! This was fantastic! My family is going to get them, too, now.
I so appreciate it!


I came to Peter after listening to his podcast which is an inspiring, highly informative, well balanced and easy to understand approach to Human Design.
Working with Peter privately has been a joy. From our first meeting on Zoom I felt his ease and steadiness. I felt I had dropped anchor and could talk about a wealth of life matters personally and professionally with a grounded, clear, structured and considered approach. Peter guided me towards insights around my marriage and children that have enabled me to strengthen and harmonize our bonds, through understanding and tolerance of others unique expressions. His kindness and acceptance of others is a testament to the power and potential of Human Design.


Rev. Maggie

Peter has a gift to share with people in a manner which is both understandable and sensitive to his clients. I am forever grateful to Peter for explaining so many different aspects for me to really understand the human design I am. My blueprint, just like everyone’s, is very cool and now I understand myself and my life’s experiences; whereas before I just thought it was events and things which just happened. Now I see the patterns which have always been my design! The hour spent with Peter was one of the best personal development investments I made this year. Thanks for all you offer and may you and your work continue to be blessed!
– Rev. Maggie

Vanessa Everett

Just wanted to send you a quick update, and thank you again for your help with shedding (A HUGE) light on my daughter’s Human Design.  Even though there isn’t an official handbook for parenting, I take a lot comfort in knowing that I can add HD to my parenting toolbox! 😉  I’m absolutely blown away by your knowledge on this topic; it’s so fascinating and I’m eager to learn more about it.  I’ve noticed an awesome shift in my home since our session; the tips that you gave us to help us with our daughter- that are in tune with her design – have helped tremendously.   Peter, thank you….and thank you for approaching such a sensitive topic with such love, compassion, and understanding. It means so much to me!

Vanessa Everett


It was so great to have a reading with you on last Saturday.  I am still listen and discovering more new ways to understand my design.  Your reading has helped me also heal some parts of my perceived thoughts about who I am.  Please know that you are a great teacher too.  May your life be a blessing as you bless others with your gift.



In my opinion, religion is simply humanity trying to comprehend life. It has been proved scientifically that all life is energy, with each variation of life the same energy vibrating at a different speed. Humanity are energy beings, each person uniquely different. Finding God is another terminology for connecting to life, and then letting life guide and inspire you, as opposed to following the illusion of the mind/ego.

Human Design is the key to understanding your uniqueness, and how to then connect to life. Peter Roe is a Human Design expert and offers affordable and essential self-knowledge in a simplified manner.

Andy – Thailand

Barbara Davies

My journey with Love Your Human Design and Peter Roe has been an absolute delight. Any form of personal development should include human design as it is accurate, logical and allows all of us to gain not only a better understanding of ourselves, but also an acceptance of who we are on all levels.

My experience of human design with Peter has been truly inspirational and for anyone looking for the holy Grail look no further than Love your human design. To understand yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself after that the world really is your oyster.

Peter is an intelligent, sensitive articulate man who’s understanding of an individuals chart is easily conveyed to the person and what initially looks like a very complex chart with his explanation and information all becomes very simple.

Whether you choose to gain a better understanding of who you really are or intend to study human design Love Your Human Design with Peter is certainly the place to start .

Thank you Peter.

Barbara Davies
United Kingdom

Cynthia Barile

The human design angelic blueprint report that Peter did for me was so helpful. I am in business for myself and learning about my design allows me to apply my blueprint to my personal & professional life using what works best for me. My design explanation made tons of sense to me and has given me a direction to work with. The benefits of what I have learned are moving things along so much easier for myself and everyone I come into contact with.

Thank you Peter

Cynthia Barile

Marie D. – New Jersey

“I just wanted to say Hi and thank you again for the awesome Human Design lesson and reading. My life has changed soooooooooo much since our session.

I have had many big decisions to make and now knowing my design I felt confident in which paths to follow and peaceful about the outcomes. I learned not to push and wait for offers from the Universe. This has made me a much happier and trusting person. I know I will be taken care of always.

What you do for people is amazing and I wanted to thank you and tell you what a difference you have made in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Marie D. – New Jersey

Marilyn – Massachusetts

“I loved doing my human design, because it allows me to accept myself. Through Peter’s reading, I learned I am a person who needs infomation to feel comfortable. For example, when I went to the Berkshires, I needed to know ahead of time where I am going, what the place is like and where hotel is. I had always consider this bad. It allows me to trust myself in gaining this knowledge. Also he inspired me to be in the process of my life. I really felt a lot of peace within myself after my session.”
Blessings, Marilyn from Massachusetts

Dr. Kelley Taylor-Bentz

“I thought the Human Design Reading was so fascinating and accurate! I found that it helped me to validate my strengths and provided me guidance and strategies to work with any areas of weakness. It was like having a blue print of myself! Peter’s knowledge, comprehension and kindness is peppered throughout the reading and he makes you feel so empowered and perfect just as you are. The reading is extremely accurate, personal and specific. What I also found beneficial was that you can have Peter develop a “composite chart” of your friends, family, children and coworkers in order to better understand the ebbs and flow of your relationships, how you can complement each other and how you can use the information to provide strategies to enhance the dynamics of your interpersonal relationships.”
Dr. Kelley Taylor-Bentz, Founder of eMerge Coaching Services

Linda Joy

“The insight and validation I received from my reading with Peter was a major catalyst for self-acceptance and self-awareness.To see and hear my thought processes validated and learn how I am innately “wired” was beautiful and empowering. I highly recommend this reading to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of themselves.”
Linda Joy, Publisher, Aspire Magazine