May 21, 2024

Edward Snowden – Vessel of Love?

Edward Snowden was born on summer solstice 1983 under the cross of the Vessel of Love. But what energy is driving him to be the NSA / Government whistle blower that he is? The Vessel of Love… or the Vessel of Hate?

Being a VOL(Vessel of Love) myself I quite understand the delicate balance. Us VOLs would like to keep this secret, but hidden deep within our Vessel is a corner of hate. Let me tell you that corner can become quite nasty.

I remember in college I transferred my car registration from Indiana to Massachusetts and they wanted me to pay sales tax again on my car. My hate corner was up in arms, I was fuming. The thought that the state which had the history of the Boston Tea party, the very birth place of rebellion against over taxation was imposing double taxation on me. I wanted to write an editorial, to go to the state house, meet the governor, I think you get the picture.

Probably the 2 biggest factors in this hate corner are behavior of the self(gate 10) and the gate of extremes(gate 15). Gate 10 can be a bitch because if it sees someone doing something that is not fair, not moral or unjust then the energy wants to smack them upside the head and say,

“Hey, what the Heck! Don’t you realize that your talking on the cell phone so loud is ruining everyone’s nice day here at the beach.”

The problem for us gate 10’s is that people without them will not always see the impact of their behavior. That doesn’t mean we have to stifle ourselves in fact you shouldn’t or that corner can grow bigger and uglier. But we do need to be clever as to deliver the message in a harmonic and effective way. Otherwise it just breeds the disharmony created by the initial ‘bad’ behavior.

Gate 15 just adds fuel to the fire. It is going to react in an extreme way. So if someone has misbehaved, your reaction can be pretty extreme. Hence my reaction to the sales tax above.

So back to Edward Snowden. It appears he could not stand by and allow the improper behavior by the government to go on in secret. His extreme reaction, to gather up thousands of documents, to make a grand showing of it and to expose it in grand and extreme fashion. Even the result at current is extreme where he is hiding in Russia to be protected from the US government. Each new release of information probably feels to him like he is giving a slap on the wrist to uncle Sam.

There are other aspects of Edwards design that illuminate why he has acted the way he has. His gate 36 is an emotional powder keg, and can be full of anxiety about what will happen next. In the light of his revelations, Edward probably imagined the George Orwellian big brother, watching, knowing and controlling every little thing we do. His channel of initiation(25-51), wants to wake us up to what is going on. His curiosity(gate 11), led him to gather more and more intel. His talent(gate 16), enabled him to be good at it. His struggle(gate 28), probably kept him up late at night trying to reconcile the deeper meaning of this spy game and what it means to himself.

Another aspect of this hate corner is based in the foundation of Love. The Vessel of Love wants everything to be Love. When it is not, it creates disharmony and Love wants to rectify that. I find if I am watching a show or movie, I can really end up hating the Villain. I can’t wait for justice to come, to return love to those being plighted by the villains evil doings. For Edward, the sum of his design motivated him to act. Whether you applaud him or think he is a traitor, I think you can see that his actions were beyond his control. You could say they were written in the Stars. Ironically it was in his programming, aka Human Design.

It is important for all of us, but especially us Vessels of Love, to allow that anger and hate to vent itself in a constructive way. If we don’t then we can allow the corner to grow and grow and one day take over. Instead of being a Vessel for Love we will end up being the opposite,  a Vessel of Hate.

So back to Mr. Snowden. Was this love or hate or a combination? Could he have done this in a more loving way?

If the injustice was a friend cheating on their spouse or taxes, then sure, there might have been a more discrete avenue. But from the secret spy world that Edward was living in, this might have been his only option. A more casual disclosure might have led to his disappearance in the night. The emotionality of gate 36 would have certainly fueled that anxiety. I think it really boils down to a question of intention.

Did he do this for the love of humanity, that we should be spared this surreptitious intrusion into our private lives, or did he do it because he grew to hate the way the government was doing these secret things and getting away with them? On the one hand, NPR reported that he does want to return to the U.S., that he wants to be back home. Perhaps this is showing that he still has love for this country and its people. On the other hand, the way he has kept leaking documents indicates he may still have an axe to grind and wants to stick it to the politicians or secret service organizations. I think like all things, it is a sum of the parts, that both love and hate were at play here.  Isn’t that a duality in life?

Either way we may never know, but I will keep an eye out for his autobiography ;-).

Love, Peace  & Light,

Peter Roe