June 12, 2024

Gates of the Vessel of Love

The Gates of the incarnation cross Vessel of Love are all of the G or Identity center. While not unique it is less common for all the gates in one’s incarnation cross to be on the same center. Since all 4 cross gates are of the Identity center there is going to be a big impact by these people as the leading part of there identity is fueled by the love aspect underlying all these gates. If you carry one or more of these gates you to have the consistent energy of the love in that gate that you carry forward each day.

In this diagram I have highlighted the 4 gates of the Vessel. As you can see they are all of the G or Identity center. Thus they are all coming from the self. The self or the souls perception and expression of different aspects of love.

In this chart below we breakdown the different aspects of the gates. The chart gives the High level aspect of the gate and the love aspect. This is how the energy is going to be expressed out of each gate. Again if you have a defined gate it is going to be a more consistent exprience and expression for you. If you are undefined in one or more of these gates it will be inconsistent but possibly more diverse a range of expressions for you.

(Click on chart for a larger view.)

The chart goes into further depth by giving you a keyword on how each gate will be expressed depending on which line in the chart it is defined with. To give you and example look at my chart at the bottom of this post. I have the gate 46 in line 6. If you look that up on the chart you will see that the keyword is integrity. So Integrity of the love of the body. I am fairly athletic and have a sense of pride about being in shape. When I am in physical shape I feel better about myself and when I am injured or out of shape, lacking integrity I feel inadequate. I think earlier in life I was more judgmental about people who did not take care of their bodies. While I find this embarrassing or shallow, part of it is just a natural expression of my defined gate 46 line 6. Obviously this is one example. You can go thru and look up any gate line combination. If your gate is undefined, I believe you will be most influenced by the personality profile line in your design. So if you are a 1-3 profile with an undefined gate 25 your most likely expression is selflessness in the love of humanity. This is a person that might commit random acts of kindness every now and then.

Here is my sample chart which is of the incarnation cross of the Vessel of Love.