May 21, 2024

Gates of Direction – The cross of the Sphinx

The Gates of the incarnation cross of the Sphinx are here to provide direction. Even if you do not carry any of these gates you receive direction as you encounter individuals that carry this cross. Each gate has an orientation of direction. Ra uses a metaphor of the car to illustrate this. Gate 2 is the driver and also home to the magnetic monopole. The monopole is the magnetic energy that pulls you through life and also attracts things to you. As you can imagine the driver has the best view that is made up of multiple lines of sight. Gate 13 is looking in the rear view mirror. They only know what has gone by but can use that to determine how to go forward. Gate 7 is looking through the windshield watching for what is in the future. They know nothing of the past. Gate 1 is in the passenger seat, not really looking out but contemplating the here and now as the car moves forward. They are in the moment.

In this diagram I have highlighted the 4 gates of direction. As you can see they are all of the G or Identity center. They are here to provide direction for the all of us Humans.

In this chart below we breakdown the different aspects of the gates. The chart gives the direction of orientation, the Gate name and the I’Ching name. As you can see the directional aspect of each gate in the chart is different. While Sphinx’s do have all 4 of these gates,  they will give you direction as oriented by their lead gate.

(Click on chart for a larger view.)

Here are sample charts for George Clooney actor, Bob Cousy basketball legend which is of the incarnation cross of the Sphinx.

In the chart below you can see that Suz has the gate 13 as her lead gate, (circled in red). By looking at the chart above, we see that gate 13 provides direction by looking at the past. Suz guidance or direction to you will be based on her view of what has been. This direction does not necessarily come verbally, it may come to you just in passing by spending a moment or longer in the energy of Suz.