May 21, 2024

Getting right to it!

The Cross of Penetration is an interesting energy and it can be quite useful but it can be a bit abrupt or shocking. But it is all good because that shock is here to wake us up, to cut through the bull crap and get’er done!

There is a concept called fractals which when referenced in Human Design indicates a segment or pattern that we tend to attract. For my wife and I, people on the Cross of Penetration are certainly a primary fractal. Our son and many close friends are on this cross so I have become quite familiar with the energy.

So the other afternoon I was watching this YouTube of Kenny Loggins and Daryl Hall and the interchange they had at the beginning of this video struck a cord. The are about to sing, I’m Alright and Daryl suggests that instead of doing the gospel beginning normally done that they just get into it. Kenny immediately agrees, in fact before Daryl can finish his sentence. In fact, in watching these two interact, there really isn’t a lot of banter or negotiation it is just cutting through and getting down to business. See if you can see what I mean.

So of course I had to run their charts and low and behold both Kenny Loggins and Daryl Hall were born on the Cross of Penetration.









As I further thought about them and their songs I also realized how several of their titles and songs have that Cross of Penetration vibe. Think about it for Kenny; I’m Alright, This is it, Footloose and for Daryl; Wait for me, Rich Girl, Sara Smile. The songs are not particularly deep or complicated but the titles cut to the chase and the lyrics stay laser focused on the title’s theme.

While the Cross of Penetration can help to get us there in a hurry and cut through the red tape, I have on occasion witnessed a shadow side. GettingĀ  there fast often means skipping some steps which can lead to back tracking or a do over. In a way, it can almost look experimental when this happens.

Here is another one from these two and again not a lot of back and forth, just getting to it.

Here is some additional information about the cross.

If you really want to go deep, here is also a radio show I did with Rev. Ric.

Incarnation Cross of Penetration