June 12, 2024

Guide and Lead Us All Yee Projectors

Projectors in Human Design are here to guide, lead, manage and direct us. They are here to Project the way. They have an energy configuration that is very open so they can take in the energy from the world around them and project it out to help guide us all. Projectors make up about 20% of the population,  so with 1 manager in every 5 people that’s a pretty good ratio, almost like somebody had a plan. 😉

 However we are all not always open to being guided. Especially if that guidance is coming from our 6 year old child. So projectors can face an uphill battle find their place to do the guiding and leading they were designed at birth to do. The  hierarchy of our schools and authoritarian institutions are not necessarily receptive to direction from junior members. A teacher does not always smile upon correction or direction from their students.  When a projector child enters the work place world there again they may struggle as they will typically be give n a full course meal of listen, follow orders and don’t rock the boat.

This is one group of children and adults that thrive at alternative schools and businesses. The authoritarian model is non existant or less dominate giving the projectors more of an invitation to express their inner design.

So what is a projector to do? It is so simple.  The projectors strategy is Wait to be invited. But the waiting can be hard and invitations do not always come so easily. So while the theory is simple it is not always so easy or painless to follow.

Why is this strategy important. Think about some group situations that you have been. Typically, in the cases where the leader is invited, like being elected or appointed by their peers,  their is a more harmonious relationship between the group and the members. In our other experiences, where we are assigned a teacher, assigned a manager the road may have been less harmonious. In fact in a lot of the stereotypical work place situations the “I hate the boss” mentality prevails or is at least near 50%. Even in politics, in a close or hotly contested election, there is a large percentage of the population that holds some resentment because they did not invite that person to be President. In a lopsided victory there is less resentment because a clear majority feel they have invited this person to be president.

So with this knowledge I invite you to help yourself, help your friends and help your family. If you are a projector look for invitations in your reality. Not out on TV or the Internet but in your life, in spoken,  written or physical form. They may originate out in the ethosphere but let someone say to you I think you should try that school or I think you should apply for that job, you would be good at that. If you are not a projector but have a projector friend. sister or child INVITE THEM! When your 6 year old starts telling you how you could save time preparing dinner, invite them to tell you all about it instead of ignoring them.

Invitations are a projectors key to empowerment. If you invite the projectors around you everybody wins.