April 12, 2024

Health Care Reform – Live Your Human Design

We are born on to this earth in a vessel called the human body. It is a intertwining of our ethereal spirit  with a mechanical and physical vehicle. From day one expectations are put on us. We are all expected to walk, talk, play and be social. But we are not all created equal. We are as unique as snowflakes and though we may look alike, we act and preform very differently from each other. Human Design is one method of exploring the differences and knowing the potential of what we are meant to be and what we are not.

Many of us go through life living what in Human Design is called the Not Self. We carry out lving up to those expectations that were placed on us or that influenced us when we are young. Some even believe we may carry these forward from past lives. Regardless of where they come from, your Human design has defined energies and ways of expression that you are designed to live. These are the colored in areas of your chart. This definition gives you a consistency of expression and behavior that you can carry throughout your life.

The Not Self is the areas of your chart that are white. When we are unduly influenced to live out characteristics in the Not Self we are destined to struggle eventually. The reason is simple. We do not have energy defined to do that. If we try to live the Not Self  the energy is inconsistent. Since it draws on energy we don’t have it puts a strain on the parts of the body that those areas in the chart have a direct connection to. Over time we may end up burning out our body in certain parts.

Take for example the Heart/Will center. Our society expects a lot of people to use will power to get things done. Yet only 1/8 of the poulation has it. There are four major parts of the body connected to the will center. The heart muscle, the gall bladder, the kidneys/blood  and the stomach. This reads like a laundry list of our societies top ailments. Perhaps the best Health care reform plan would be to give everyone their Human Design chart  and have them live their Human Design. It sure would be a lot easier.

What got me on this topic was an aritcle I read  in Sport Illustrated. The article was about a well known baseball player named Alex Rodriguez or nick named A-Rod. He is most notably known for his record contract, that he signed in 2001 for 10 years and 252 million dollars. Great expectations were placed on Alex for that amount of money. In fact so much so that despite the fact that he is a very good player he has not lived up to them all. If you look at his Human Design he is the cross of the unexpected. So what do you expect, not the expected, atleast not all the time. That doesn’t mean disaster but it does mean that he will have sudden unexpected things pop up in his life. That is his energy and his design. The opening day game after signing his big contract, he dropped a routine out, slipped on the grass and fell down and tripped on his shoe laces. Unexpected or not!;-)

One of the biggest expectations placed on Alex was for him to be a team builder and leader. There are two things in his chart that suggest that wasn’t going to happen. The first is that his energy for leadership, the gate 31 is more of a Socialist leader. While it could work if he was properly supported, like Obama, it is more likely that in an environment like professional sports is going to be more of an alpha leader with the gate 7.  In addition, Alex doesn’t have the channel of community, (gates 37 & 40). In fact he only has the gate 40 which is the gate of being alone. A person with a gate 40 will choose to be alone if the personal freedoms that they loose as part of being in a community are not worth it. Alex has sometimes been labeled as an individual and not a team player but it really is not his fault. Alex is just living his design.

We are all born into a body that is wired to do many things but not all things. We would all be healthier and happier if we lived our Human Design. Are you living yours?

Below is the Human Design chart for Alex Rodriguez. Mouse over the red circles to see more information.