July 18, 2024

Human Design is not “The One”

There is a relatively new series on Netflix called The One. The premise is that trough analyzing your DNA they can find characteristics that would match you with the one person in the world that you are designed to fall in love with. I won’t give anything away if you haven’t watched the series, by saying it is not as simple as that premise.
In contrast with The One, Human Design is not the one. It is not a silver bullet that will tell us our best partnership match, show us the best kind of job to take or best life path to take but it is a tool that can give us a lot of clues to help us optimize the choices we make and help us to decisions in a way more correct to our design. Human Design can give us a variety of strategies to use in our life from major themes, to minor or subtle changes we can make, in how we approach certain situations.
At the type level it gives us the following guidance:
Manifesting Generator and Generator – Act in response to what the world is presenting and move forward with those things that resonate and feel right, right now, in your gut. Response usually follows a chain of steps or questions, move forward with each step when you feel yes from your gut and pause or don’t go forward for the no’s and maybe’s.
Projectors – You are here to guide and lead but you will struggle to do it with out an invitation. As a non-Sacral being you will have inconsistent energy to do all the time so you may need to be selective or have strategy about when and how long you work. Ultimately you are a guide and the best direction for you is how you feel about what you are saying that you are going to do. Do the things that feel right and feel like you!
Manifestors – You are here to be the creative spark. The balance of informing and distributing information is the key. You need to focus on informing the right people, the right amount of information. Creation works when there is a degree of speed. Over informing bogs down the process, slows the speed and kills the creative spark. Under informing or not telling the right people will leave you lacking for the others which are a necessary ingredient to the manifestation. Even someone like an artist, who may appear to create purely on their own, has resources that are delivered or provided by someone else.
Reflectors – You really know your environment. You are so open you are a reflection of the world around you. It takes time to become clear about the world around you. Take your time and embrace what feels good and is healthy for you. Take action and create boundaries or make change for those things in your environment that are hurting you or holding you back. Embrace the reflections that you feel compelled to give back to your family, friends, tribe or community.
Beyond the type there are a multitude of other strategies you can utilize from Human Design such as these.
• Those with emotional definition need to ride the emotional wave as clarity comes over time.
• The open or undefined throat needs to wait for the opening to speak to be truly heard.
• The defined mind, defined Head and Ajna, may need to consciously shift from having the mind being the decision making authority, to using the mind for its wisdom and skill in processing information, weighing the pros and cons but allowing the true authority to make the decisions.
• The open or undefined identity should honor the guidance of the center to make a change when feeling uncomfortable in a particular place or situation.
• The open or undefined root may need to team or pair up to get projects started or off the ground.
But more specifically addressing the premise of The One, there are indicators and elements about relationship compatibility. Things like these:
• The electromagnetic connections that occur when two people come together.
• How the profiles of each other interact.
• The dominance or compromise of overlapping channels.
• The interaction of the lead energies and the driving purpose of the incarnation crosses.
All of the above have an impact on the relationship and its success, and by bringing awareness by each party in the relationship a greater harmony and sense of purpose together can be achieved. That is not to say all relationships will work, but it is to say that Human Design is a tool that can help all relationships work better.

If you are curious about The One here is a trailer.