June 12, 2024

I Gotta Be Me

One of the gifts of Human Design is it helps you to uncover and or discover who you truly are. It points out the parts of you that are defined or hard coded and illuminates areas, thoughts, beliefs or expressions that are not you. In Human Design we call these defined and undefined areas or characteristics. There are three major pieces where we talk about definition in a Human Design chart and those are Centers, Channels and Gates.

  • Centers are the shapes and their origins are linked to the Hindu 7 chakra system.
  • Channels are the entire line between the Centers. They are made up of 2 gates and are associated with the Kabbalah Tree of Life.
  • Gates are the numbers in the centers and are represented by half the channel line between the centers. They are a synthesis from the I Ching.

When a center, channel or gate is colored in it is called defined. It does not matter what the color it is. By being defined it signifies that you will have a consistency of expression with the architype or characteristic that the gate, channel or center represent.

When a center, channel or gate is white is is called undefined. This represents that you are open to feel, carry or amplify energy with these characteristics or architypes associated with that center, channel or gate.

As you start to understand your design and the energies that are defined and undefined with, you can discover that maybe part of your expression in life is not coming from you but from others or the world around you. That is not to say it is good or bad being influenced by these energies, but the awareness of their origin can be helpful especially if they are creating conflict.

Lets take a look at a few examples from the singer and model Dua Lipa.

On the top right she has an undefined Channel of Logic. This is the beginning of the logical process where you are looking at a process or a product and coming up with the initial judgement is this good, bad or maybe ok but it needs improvement. Since it is undefined, on her own Dua might not really know or or have a firm that conclusion. However if she is around or surrounded by more logically defined people, she might take on a more logical approach to things. The truer version of her energy in the mind come from the defined gates 47 and 61. She would tend to look at things in either an individual know way, “it’s a given understanding” (gate 61) or an abstract way, “this is how things fit together”(gate 47).

Moving down the logic circuitry she also has an undefined gate 17 of opinions. Again, since it lacks consistent energy, she might not express her opinion much or if she is around opinionated people she might express an opinion quite boldly. You see undefined area can amplify the expressions they are exposed to. With the next gate in the logical circuit being defined, gate 62. the gate of the gate of details, her more natural expression might be to start listing the ingredients of a product or talking about where it was made without much of an opinion at all.

Lastly lets take a look at her Undefined Identity center and in this case it is called open which is an extreme case of an undefined center. Open centers can be extremely impactful as there are no gates defined on the center so there is no consistent influence. Two items stood out regarding her Open Identity center from the Wikipedia article I read.

  1. She was heavily influenced by her father who was a musician and she started singing at age 5. The undefined G, (another name for the Identity center), can often be influenced to become something from a parent or significant mentor or partner.  It will be interesting to see if she stays with music and singing or at some point decides “Hey this is really not my passion”.
  2. She has had a series of relationships over the last years but nothing has lasted. The Identity center is home to the 4 Love gates so there is a lack of that energy and most open G’s are looking for love and to be loved. Her last relationship ended because of incompatible schedules. It is likely much harder for an Open G to carry on a long distance relationship without the persistent presence of felling that love energy.

Again, it is not about whether an undefined area is being influenced, but it is about bringing awareness of an influence. From awareness you can then think about if the influence is in harmony or bringing you discord. Dua has a lot of passions, acting as a feminist, speaking out about sexism in the music industry, acting as a philanthropist supporting a variety of charities and modeling and her interest in fashion and clothes. She may find over time that some of these aren’t really resonating and will let them go. The bottom line is thru Human Design you can shine a light on how you are designed and come to a more harmonious place because for all of us, ” you gotta be you!”


Dua Lipa singing her hit son Levitating:

Sammy David Jr. sings I Gotta Be Me:

Credit to Wikipedia for the picture and info

Note – There is conflicting birth times for Dua Lipa on the astrological sites I reference some have 12:18 AM and some have 23:45. The difference in her chart in terms of definition are very minor, however there is a great difference in profile, the earlier time being a 5-1 and the later which I have used being a 6-2.