June 12, 2024

Incarnation cross of Contagion

Put simply people born on the cross of Contagion are here to spread the mutation. What that mutation is depends on the individual carrying the cross. It could be something as simple as getting more people to use sporks, (a cross between a fork and a spoon), or something more complex like the understanding of Human Design.

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The four energies that come together in this cross are desire, commitment, channeled energy to achieve with an  expressionistic style.  Two of the energies carry a theme of mutation so it is highly likely that what is being spread is new or a new look on an old idea.

My Human Design teacher, Karen Curry, a cross of  Contagion,  has been spreading the word about Human Design for many years. Human Design contains components like the I Ching and astrology which have been around for centuries yet through Human Design they have come together through synergy, assimilation and mutation to give us a new understanding of how human action and interaction works.

Karen also has a passion to help people live joyful enlightened lives. She does this through offerings at her primary web site Quantum Alignment.

Ted Turner, the media, mogul literally put together a mechanism to spread information. He was one of the pioneers to put together a TV super-station, using satellite broadcasting to connect  independent stations across the United States in order to compete with the major networks. In addition to his flagship WTBS, he added other ways of spreading the word with the Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT movie channel and many more.

Turner has also been passionate about conservation and has land holdings over 2 million acres which he farms in innovative and ecological friendly ways. He has a bison herd of over 50,000 animals which he has put together to save the species and potentially make them a sustainable farming product.

H.P. Lovecraft was an author of “Horror Fiction”. During his life he was not widely known, but through the years after his death in 1937,  he has become more famous.  Modern day horror writer Stephen King attributes his fascination with horror and macabre was due in a large part to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. So despite his death at an early age,  his influence in the spreading of the distorted, twisted tales continue.

Here are  the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Contagion.

  • Gate 8 – Contribution – Holding Together –  This is individual creative energy which connected to the throat that creates self expression. Since it is individual energy it can be mutative energy.
  • Gate 14 – Power Skills – Possession in great measure –  This is the energy to do the things that empower us. It is the energy of self empowerment.
  • Gate 29 – Saying Yes – The Abysmal – This is the energy of commitment. As the I Ching name Abysmal implies if we are not selective in our commitment we can be pouring our energy into a deep hole.
  • Gate 30 – Recognition of Feelings – The Clinging Fire – This is a yearning or an emotional desire. This energy pushes us as individuals to new experiences that may not benefit the individual but generally results in benefiting the collective.

Here are charts for Karen Curry, Ted Turner and H.P. Lovecraft, all born into the cross of Contagion. (Click on image for Larger image)