May 21, 2024

Incarnation Cross of Demands

If you look at the energies of the 4 gates that make up the Incarnation cross of Demands, they are all very demanding.  LOL!  I am sort of teasing my radio show co-host, the Rev. Ric but if we look closer there is a thread of truth to this claim. The energies to some degree are demanding. They demand stillness, demand depth and demand securing what is needed to bring joy to life. This is a cross that demands betterment in life.

Now of course there is duality and one can choose to ignore the calls of their energetic design, but people born under this cross will internally be pushed to be still, dig deep and go out and bring back the things that make this a better life.

Besides Rev. Ric, our other 2 featured charts this week are of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Phelps.

Anthony Hopkins has always struck me as an actor that is driven to go the distance, to go that extra mile so he can really get into his part. There is a real attitude of preparedness when he graces the stage.In Silence of the Lambs and the other movies in this series, he is disturbingly good as a psychotic serial killer, Hannibal Lector. According to Wikipedia, he was quoted as saying that he goes over and over his lines, as many as 200 times, so that he can say them naturally without even thinking about them. Mr. Hopkins has certainly brought the joy to life to movie goers everywhere even if we were a bit scared!

Michael Phelps, also has demonstrated, that drive, hunger and devotion through his swimming prowess. Obviously, he was gifted with the near perfect body for swimming, but his energy has propelled him to accomplishments that very few have ever achieved. Also, in Michael I think in Michael you really see how the stillness works into the mix as well. All of that training and repetition. It has helped to allow him the depth of focus that he puts into action in the big races.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Demands.

  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 21 – The Hunter/Huntress – Biting Through – This is energy to go out and get what is needed to survive.
  • Gate 48 – Depth – The Well – This is the drive to dig into things in a broad or deep way to further understanding and bring about foundation.

Here are charts for Michael Phelps, Anthony Hopkins and our own Rev. Ric who were born under the cross of Demands. The four gates of the cross of Demands are circled in blue on the chart for Michael Phelps. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)
#Note – Michael Phelps birth time is unknown so this chart may not be completely accurate. I have provided 2 different charts, to highlight and illustrate some differences in his possible design. Regardless of his birth time, all charts that day do fall under the Incarnation cross of demands.