June 12, 2024

Incarnation Cross of Healing

Sandwiched in between the cross of the Vessel of Love and the cross of Service is the Incarnation cross of Healing. This cross essentially brings a blend of the two sets of energies, of love and of being of service. The net result is energy that lovingly, brings joy to life.

The cross of Healing is a left angel cross. People born on right angel crosses are going to be more self absorbed in their journey. People born on the left Angel cross are going to be oriented to the other people that share their journey. It is not about the impact to themselves but the impact to all those who are involved.

Will Smith was born under the cross of Healing. If you look at some of his movies like, Men in Black I & II, Hitch and The Pursuit of Happiness, you see intertwined themes of love and bringing joy to life. In the MIB movies, there is universal love for humans and aliens mixed in with a goal to save earth. This ultimately brings joy to life for humanity and the universe. In the Pursuit of Happiness, Will portrays a man with down and out luck, trying to rebuild his life and keep he and his son together. In Hitch, Smith plays a relationship expert trying to help men get the love of their life to fall into love with them. In the movie, he too finds himself in the middle of his own fight to land the love of his life. So  while cross of Healers are interested in the joy of others they are not selfless and are in pursuit of their own happiness as well. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Chaka Kahn spreads her healing through her music. She has won 10 Grammy awards during her career and if you listen to her songs like, I’m every woman and I feel for you, you hear this rhythmic but caring sentiment. On Wikipedia it quotes Kahn as being happy about the evolution of music proliferation and the ability for individuals to download music because it breaks the monopolistic hold on music by the big record labels. More joy to life for everyone!

Christopher Reeve is also of the cross of Healing incarnation. Who can forget his courageous march before the public eye to bring awareness to the plight and battle that paralyzed people go through every day. Through 5 years of  private and public  efforts to regain his ability to walk, he has potentially helped to heal and motivate thousands of families going through similar circumstances. In addition, his efforts may well benefit people of the future through his speaking before congress about the promise of stem cell research. In the end, although he eventually lost his life to the progression of illness from his injury, I believe he and his design were instrumental in healing his family and himself from the trauma of breaking his neck falling off a horse.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Healing.

  • Gate 25 – Spirit of Self – Innocence – This is an energy of love with no judgement. It is universal love.
  • Gate 46 – Determination of the Self – Pushing Upward – This is a gate of love and the love is of the flesh, of the body. Love of the body which is a temple that we dwell in.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.

Here are charts for Will Smith, Chaka Kahn and Christopher Reeve, all born under the cross of Healing. The four gate of the cross of Healing are circled in blue on the chart for Will Smith. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)