May 21, 2024

Incarnation – Cross of Laws

The Incarnation cross of Laws is focused upon building, creating and keeping structures in place to ensure safety and continuity. The laws can pertain to the structure of anything from a family to money, to an international community. Without structure there can become chaos and lack of order so structure has played and important role in creating community, countries and civilizations.

However, there is an interesting dynamic at work here because most structures resist change. Instead of mutation most structural change comes through a new layer of rules or laws. The tax code in the United States and Health care reform are two prime examples of this. Over the past decades instead of recreating the structure, our politicians have just added layers of new law upon the old. In the case of the tax law, even though there have been candidates that have proposed eliminating the old system with a new straight percentage graduated system, they have been dismissed mostly out of hand as there is fear that removing the old structure would lead to chaos.

(The Mandala to the left is of the cross of Laws and can help you understand how crosses are formed. Click on the image to the left to enlarge it. This will allow you to see how the cross is formed. The cross is created by the gates of the I Ching in the Sun and Earth, from the two critical points in time, the time of birth and 88 days before birth which is the point when the soul crystal is planted.)

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of Laws.

  • Gate 3 – Ordering – Once we make change or mutate we must finish the change into a new form of structure.
  • Gate 50 – Values – Preservation which is achieved by the act of nurturing.
  • Gate 60 – Acceptance/Limitation – We must accept what we have got and limit changes so not to rock the boat.
  • Gate 56 – Sensation/Wanderer – The perception of continuity of what we are sensing as we explore what is around us.

So quite simply, people born under the cross of Laws are here to keep us safe, help provide continuity and structure. A key strategy for someone on this cross is to strive for balance between the old and the new. Structures serve there purpose but they cannot last forever. A cross of Laws may be a parent but the child eventually grows up and then the structure must change one way or the other.

Chart of James Woods and Jim Cary who are two different versions of the cross of Laws. (Click on image for Larger image)