May 21, 2024

Introduction to Human Design

Click on chart for larger image.

Human Design is a blueprint of the energetic wiring of this physical body that you were born into. The design determines your potential expressions in terms of consistency and variability. The main aspect of your design is represented in a chart as pictured below. The areas that are colored will tend to be consistent expressions of the qualities associated with that part of the chart. The white areas will be variable or inconsistent expression of the qualities of those ares of the chart.

There are 5 major categories or types that a design falls into. Based on your type there is a high level strategy that you can use to optimize your designs interaction in the world. The 5 types and strategies are …

  • Manifesting Generator – Respond, envision, reprocess, inform, act
  • Generator – wait to respond
  • Projector – wait to be invited
  • Manifestor -Inform whom your actions will impact
  • Reflector – wait your cycle for clarity

By following these high level strategies you can work with the universal dynamic energies flowing through you and the universe around you to create the experience and situations you were meant to encounter.

Each design has two aspects of of personality that drives an individual to act in certain ways. Human Design classifies this as your profile. Under the profile section in your chart you will see two numbers. The numbers, often called lines correlate to the following personality traits.

  • 1 – Is the drive to investigate and find out foundational knowledge about the things that affect you
  • 2 – Is the drive to have quiet or alone time on a regular basis to help process and integrate life’s experience..
  • 3 – Is the drive to experiment and or experience different ways of doing things. It is from these that you learn how things work.
  • 4 – Is the drive to have foundation in relationships, jobs, school and or home. It is through this foundation that opportunities arise.
  • 5 – Is a magnetic force that pulls people toward you but can push them away. This is a projected energy and can be complex to understand and thus lead to misunderstanding or lack of clarity.
  • 6 – Is an energy that shifts focus through out your lifetime. In the early years it is experimental and inwardly focused, in the middle years it is aloof, observational and outwardly focused and beyond 50 years it is a role model energy that will help when deemed necessary.