June 12, 2024

Jim Carey – Just living his design

Jim Carey gave the incredible inspiring graduation speech below. I invite you to watch all or part of it and after I will show you 10 reasons why he was wired by human design to do and say what he did.














  • Projected spirit (gate 55 line 5). Jim has just past his Chiron return and his theme for the 2nd half of his life is spirit or spirituality. In line 5 it is projected. This is an emotional energy.
  • Guiding Hand (The incarnation Cross of Laws). As the cross of Laws he is wired to express the laws that govern our safety and well-being. He projects in the video that our well-being is dependent on following the laws that he has come to understand in the universe. Love not Fear. Faith not Hope.
  • Nurture (gate 50). This whole video is like a talk from dad. The gate 50 is Jim’s lead energy and by being in the 1st line he is wired to be very fatherly, nurturing and give foundational guidance.
  • Experiment and find the best way (1-3 profile). Jim’s life has been an experiment of what works and what does not. He found that faith and not religion is a way to open your mind and heart and to allow the universe to provide for the things you need in your life. Also, to allow the universe to provide those things without building a structure or expectation around how they will arrive.
  • Opinions and Correction (Gates 17 and 18).  Opinions and correction are part of the logical circuit. The circuits energy is oriented to logically evaluate a thing or a process. His energy to expressing opinions of what works and what does not and offer corrective action to make it better and bring joy to life.  Jim’s expression about choosing through Love and not though Fear is targeted to help you bring Joy to life.
  • Mutation (60-3 channel). This is probably more evident in his movies than in the speech but this is energy to create through mutation. He does talk about walking through that door when it opens and we all know that those doors can often mean or lead to change. Mutate from who you think you are supposed to be, into actions of who you are to be.
  • Direction (gates 7,1,13). Jim has 3 of the 4 gates of direction. He gives us direction by looking forward, direction from looking at the past and direction from being present. More info at  (http://loveyourhumandesign.com/2010/07/16/gates-of-direction-the-cross-of-the-sphinx/)
  • Be who we are (undefined identity center). Jim has experimented with who he is both in his movies and life. He has come to foundation that who we are, that spiritual self is greater than our personality or those archetypes in his painting. In think this fits so perfectly with human design as he is really speaking about being our true selves, letting go of that fear, emotional baggage and ego and just being yourself as you were designed to be.
  • Been there done that (gate 35). He has looked at life from many different angels and he has foundation as to what works best.
  • Knowing(Gate 61). He is designed to think and think or maybe paint and paint, and bring into knowing deep, deep thoughts.