June 12, 2024

Mind versus No Mind


The mind is a great tool for analyzing data, examining patterns and making deductions but a dilemma that many of us face is whether we control the mind or it controls us. The mind is powerful and by nature wants control. It can control us with logic and reasoning and loads of information. But in Human Design the mind has no authority to make decisions as the authority is not the mind.

The mind is represented by the two centers pictured here. The Head is the center for ideas and inspiration. It is where the data is stored. The Ajna is the processor, the cerebral cortex and it organizes and puts process around how you do things and how you think.Depicted by the colors in the diagram are the three ways of thinking. It is important to recognize which type of thinking you do and how it can take control of you and usurp your authority. They are all powerful in their own way. Logical thinking uses repeating patterns to prove to you that it is correct. Abstract thinking uses history to prove that it is correct. Inner knowing uses no argument other than that a sense of just knowing it must be correct.

But much like in Buddhism and Taoist belief living your Human Design requires the mind to relinquish it’s command. You need to let the intellectualism drop away and listen to the inner authority. There are several different inner authorities depending on your design but none are located in the mind. In fact they all come from below the Throat center. Following your inner authority will allow the soul to have it’s voice and lead you on your souls journey.

The open mind can easily become influenced by those things around you. Ideas, thoughts and inspiration can be taken in and amplified. Also, an open mind can take on thought processes and ways of doing things. The duality here is that it can be beneficial or it can be a trap, getting us caught in a pattern or committed to a notion that isn’t really ours.

So we must be vigilant if we wish to stay true to our souls journey. We can utilize the mind and it’s great power to provide us with information and processes but must let go of the control the mind tries to enforce and seek authority from within.

Here two examples of different mind configurations.
(Click on chart for larger image.)