July 17, 2024

Personal Authority

How do you make decisions in your life?

Are you methodical and analytic, scientific, emotional, spiritual or whimsical?

While we all may have a different way of going about decision making the thing we share in common is the impact they have on our daily life and the bigger decisions impact the path we travel on ours days here on earth.

So who you give authority for making those decisions is a BIG DEAL!

Those of us that make the logical, scientific decisions for the most part are giving our mind the authority.

For those who are ruled by a set of tribal or societal rules you could call it moral authority.

For those who make decisions in the moment it could be whimsical, emotional or just an awareness, depending on where your focus is or is not.

But for most of us we have come to this decision making by default, through trial and error or experience. If you look at your Human Design, you were designed with some inner guidance mechanisms that if you pay attention to will help you make better decisions.  Here is a table and some charts that will help outline how you are best served depending on your authority.

Authority Hierarchy

Authority / Type

Defined Centers
(key centers)

Emotional Solar Plexus


Generator & Manifesting Generator

Solar Plexus

Ride your emotional wave and wait for clarity. Clarity only occurs over time. You need to wait for that clarity or redo the hasty decisions that do not serve you in the long run.
Splenic Awareness Generated

Generator & Manifesting Generator

Spleen & Sacral

You have an inner knowing in the moment powered by the Sacral. You can use the Sacral response* by engaging your sacral,
Sacral Expressed Generated

Generator & Manifesting Generator


The sacral response* is your guide.
Splenic Awareness Projected



You know in the moment the correct action for you. This is not the mind or following a set of rules it is a knowingness. As your energy is projected look for feedback from those around you to help tweak your decisions.
Splenic Awareness Manifested


Spleen & Throat &

(Root or Will)

You know in the moment the correct action for you. Inform others as you make their way and measure the impact you create.
Ego Manifested


Will & Throat

Follow the drive to spark and initiate the new things that you do.Inform those that you impact like your friends and family before you act.
Self Projected



Bounce your thoughts and ideas of your friends and family. Look at the reaction and reflection to adjust your path.
None (or outer Authority)

Projectors and Reflectors

Head and/or Ajna and/or Throat or no centers Clarity comes from action and interaction from your environment.
*Sacral Response – The sacral response is avaiable to all beings with a defined sacral center. By asking a series of questions to the sacral being and having them respond with an Uh-huh (for yes) and an Un-Uh (for no) you engage the sacral motor. If you keep the mind out of it an purely respond from the sacral you will get clear answers for the direction you should take.


Here are some sample charts with different authorities.