June 12, 2024

Profile 2-4, Come out come out where ever you are

People that have the 2-4 profile, the Hermit/Opportunist need a balance of being alone and being social. These people are often very socially integrated and have a bubbly or intriguing personality. These people of are the type that can start a conversation with anyone.

The 2nd line of the profile is called the hermit as it has a need to be alone or have seclusion. Part of the importance of the alone time is to allow integration of ideas and experiences to take place. The 2nd line needs to be out of the energy of others for this important integration to take place. However the 2nd line is not a successful hermit because others recognize that the 2nd line person can’t live in a cave. Thus the 2nd lines are extended invitations and called out of their hermit environment.

The 4th line of the profile is an opportunist and the opportunity comes through the network that this person is connected to.  For the 4th line person it is important to constantly be aware of opportunities that may present themselves through friends, family, peers etc. In connection with this, the 4th line person requires stability and foundation within core elements of their network. This foundation is to have stability in the core areas of job, housing and relationship. Most 4th lines will look to establish the new opportunity before severing the old.  With a job for example, 4th lines will typically secure the new job before giving notice at their current place of employment. If they are moving they will line up the new location before moving out of their current housing. The same could be said about the relationships for a 4th line person.

Here are some charts with 2-4 profiles.
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