April 12, 2024

Profile 6-2 Role Model/Hermit steping into the light or not?

The 6-2 profile is an interesting blend of personality energies. The 2nd line hermit in combination with the 6th line progression of life stages can lead to 3 distinct expressions in the life of a 6-2.To understand the stages lets focus on the progression of the the 6th line.

In the first 28 years or until Saturn returns the 6th line is introspective and experimental. Coupled with the the hermit of the 2nd line this can be quiet or reserved self experimenting individual. Though through their experimentation they may have burst of energetic expression or what might seem like explosions from their somewhat reserved personalities. The 2nd line hermit will keep pulling them into being alone, but the friends of the individual will call them out.  Overall there is an intensity to the inward focus with both the 2nd and 3rd lines being inward. But as the 6-2 approaches age 28 the 6th line will give up the experimentation and head for the roof.

From 28 to around 50 the 6th line is up on the roof. This is a more aloof time for the 6th line and they are no peering outward, looking at how other people do things. They are trying to learn about life through the results of others and then pulling in this wisdom and internalizing it. The roof can feel muted and less engaged. Again with the 2nd line they will want to be alone and be called out. Perhaps developing a cycle or rhythm or pattern or withdrawing then going out.

At 50 or around the return of Kyron the 6-2 is ready to come down off the roof and be the role model. Through the self experimentation of the younger years and the observation of the middle years the 6-2 has assembled a wealth of wisdom to be shared. But while the 6-2 is a social being they are reserved. The role model will not be preachy but come out when called upon. This can be a dilema to the 6-2 and those around them. They can seem aloof or not engaged. But in reality they are waiting for that call out when they can supply their role model wisdom for the benefit of themselves and others.

Here is an example of 6-2 chart.