May 21, 2024

Reflectors – Mirror, Mirror

Reflectors make up less than 1 % of the human population. Yet they are here to play a vital role. Their design is unique in that none of their 9 centers are defined. If you look at their chart, (see below), they are but a ghost of a design with all their whiteness. The truth is that they are our mirror, designed to be extremely empathetic and understand humanity in a deep way, and give the rest of us a reflection of where we are at, and how we are doing in life.

Since reflectors have an open design they are heavily influenced by the energy around them. The people, the places and the events they take part in, are going to deeply impact their energy and sense of being. With any open center, the energy from around can be amplified and experienced in unlimited ways. The reflector can become wise about energy because they experience all the flavors of the rainbow. With emotions they can experience the extremes from sadness and depression to hilarity and ecstasy. With will power they can experience the subtle finesse of someone trying to get their way and the brute force of “I want it my way, now!”.  They can experience the revved up energy in a room full of generators and the clam serene of a peaceful mountain top. Their experience can take on all these dimensions yet the underlying theme is going to be inconsistency.

Because of their openness they will intensely experience these energies when they are around and then the energy will dissipate when they are not around. The reflector may have difficulty making decisions because in the moment their is the energy to do something and then it is gone. In another moment they are identifying with a workshop they want to take and then that identification fades. The key for the reflector is becoming wise about the energy that surrounds them. If they are with a Generator it may be a good time to get that project done. If they are with a Manifestor it might be time to start something. If they are with someone who is oppressive or overbearing they need to shield themselves. The reflector has openness for wisdom but it can also be a vulnerability.

Additionally reflectors are heavily influenced by the moon. The moon makes a pass through all 64 gates of the I’Ching about every 29 days. As it activates each gate, if this gate activates a channel in the reflectors design, the reflector becomes defined in certain centers. While this definition only lasts for about 10 hours, they are defined and they can take on the characteristics of the type associated with that definition. They can become or feel like a Projector, Manifestor, Generator or Manifesting Generator. This is a cyclical pattern that they will experience over and over again each 29 day cycle. It is therefore useful for the reflector to look at that pattern as they can begin to understand how this cyclical energy impacts them and how to potentially use it.

Below is a chart of a reflector and 6 snapshots of the impact of the moon within their 29 day cycle.