June 12, 2024


Human Design Book

This is the best books I have found on Human Design.

Karen Curry – Very straight forward with guidance on how to channel your design energies.

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Chetan Parkyn writes in a way that is down to earth and easy to digest. This book covers

  • Type
  • Profiles
  • Centers
  • Gates
  • Channels

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Human Design Software

The simplest free software to download and use is also at Chetan’s site.
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Human Design Book on Gates

Richard Rudd has written a book called Gene Keys that goes deep into the meaning of the gates. He brings a depth to the story of the gate energy and breaks each gate into 3 potential expressions …

  • the Shadow – some may term this negative but there is a purpose.
  • the Gift – this is the energetic state of the gate that brings expansion and light.
  • the Siddhi – this is the most elevated state of the gate energy that might be compared to the Buddha state.

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Advanced Human Design Software

Eric Memmert of New Sunware is the originator of Human Design software. You can get a free version and have the option to upgrade to many different versions of the professional software.
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Other Human Design Products

Human Design America has a vast assortment of books. They do tend to be more advanced and many are derived from Ra’s lectures so their organization is sometimes stream of thought.
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