April 12, 2024

Speak your truth

It is always more powerful when you speak your truth!

That is a common saying but what exactly does it mean? In human design terms it means expressing yourself with your authenticate energy. Energy in your design comes in 2 basic different flavors.

  • Defined energy is consistent and you can typically draw on it at will.
    • In the human design chart it is represented by:
      • a colored in line called a channel.
      • a colored in half line called a gate.
      • a colored in shape called a center.
  • Undefined energy is inconsistent so you cannot rely on it all the time. It is energy that you can draw from those and the environment around you or I also believe you can channel at times from the universe.
    • In the human design chart undefined energy is represented by a white line, white half line or white shape.

There is a special case of undefined energy in human design called an open center. An open center has no defined gates to affect the energy so by being open it can more dramatically amplify or channel energy related to the expression of that center. See the chart of James Earl Jones below, he has 4 open centers.

So the power of human design is to bring awareness to what energies/expression you have consistently and what energies you don’t. With this awareness you can use your defined energies as your “go to” or base, and let the undefined energies compliment or enhance your authentic expression. Please note, the undefined energies need to have an authentic basis. If you try to manufacture them from nothing they will come off as phony.

Since the first time I saw this in the movie Field of Dreams, I felt it was one of the most powerful speeches I had seen. I wasn’t sure why, I mean I like baseball but am not really a baseball historian or avid fan.

Watch the clip and I think you will see what I mean.

Then after studying the chart of James Earl Jones I now see why. James was born on the incarnation cross of Laws. Your cross is extremely powerful defined energy so you will consistently express it. The cross of Laws is all about the history and moving forward cautiously with a foot in the past. In fact in a lot of ways his speech represents the cross of Laws better than words.  His open centers compliment or embellish this speech. His open Head and Ajna can amplify the inspiration of  story of these baseball players and the history, his open solar plexus is channeling the emotion and his open G/Identity can morph into the character, the baseball writer that he portrays in the movie. It is almost Jedi like akin to “these aren’t the droids you are looking for!”, when he says, “People will come!”.

If you bring awareness to your own design you can speak your true self and become a more powerful you!

Here is James Earl Jones Chart.