June 12, 2024

The 5 Types and Strategies

There are 5 types within the Human Design System and these are:

  • Generators
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Projectors
  • Manifestors
  • Reflectors

Chart data comes from a study by United Life Sciences

Each type plays a critical role in the interaction of the human species. Generators and Manifesting Generators have powerful internal motors to churn out work, Projectors have vision and projective energy to guide, lead and manage, Manifestors are stirring the pot, creating and initiating action to create and manifest new things. Reflectors act as a mirror to society to show us how and what we are doing. If everyone on this planet lived their type and strategy of the design they were given, there would be a lot less struggle and discontentment in the world.

Generators – The Generator has the Sacral motor, the most powerful motor in the Human Design system. This is consistent energy. The motor turns on each morning and runs all day until it burns out at night. The Generator is here to do work. This can be manual work and or creative work and the energy is there to work for long periods of time in a sustained manner. The motor burns out each night and is recharged at night to begin a new each day. The motor needs some degree of physical production to help it burn out by the end of the day or it may be restless at night. This can interrupt sleep and the recharging process. For the Generator there can be many types of work, the trick is to find work that is inspiring.

Generator Strategy Wait to respond

As a Generator in this world, there is a constant array of things to respond to. The world is like a pinball machine and it is the generating energy that bounces the ball around. For the Generator, the trick is to wait until the “ball” comes “to your flipper” or within reality. It is easy to get drawn into pushing forward to force things to happen. That is often the motto in our world, “Just Do it!” The Generator in pursuit of the bigger things in life you can, “Just do it!”, as long as they are responding to something in their reality. It should be more direct then just seeing it on TV, and the more concrete it is in your reality the better. This is where the Generator intertwines with the Law of Attraction. For example, a Generator sees an ad on TV for training to start a new career in life coaching. The next day in a conversation a friend mentions that they are good at coaching people. At this point the idea of life coaching has become more concrete within their reality. It is more of a concrete situation for the generator to respond to. Not necessarily to the point of dropping everything they are doing but at least enough to investigate the coaching opportunity at bit more. Ultimately, for the Generator it must feel like the right thing to respond to in their core, at the center of their being. A Generator that follows this strategy of response will be much more successful then trying to push to make things happen or trying to respond to everything that comes their way.

Theme: Frustration

Manifesting Generators – The Manifesting Generator, like the Generator has the powerful sacral motor that provides consistent energy everyday. This is sustainable energy to work and produce. This production can be manual or creative in nature. It is the consistency and duration that sets the Manifesting Generator and Generators apart from the rest. The difference from a generator is that the Manifesting Generator has a defined and motorized throat. The throat is motorized by energy flowing in a defined channel or series of channels from one of the four centers that are motors. The 4 motor centers are the Sacral, the Will, the Solar Plexus and the Root. This motorized throat adds a degree of initiative and creative energy to the power of the Manifesting Generator. It also adds a degree of speed to the energy. Some Manifesting Generators are very quick to act and respond and get bored if there is not enough going on. Their Manifesting energy is at times pushy and pushes them into thinking they are a Manifestor. They are not a Manifestor, they are a Manifesting Generator.

Manifesting Generator Strategy – Respond, envision, reprocess, inform, act Much like the Generator, Manifesting Generators need to respond to events and occurrences in their reality. The difference is the Manifesting Generator can push the gray area of initiation a little bit. In some situations they may respond, repeatedly so quickly that it appears more of initiation than a response. But to truly maximize the energetic return they need to be responding. Take job hunting for example. A Manifesting Generator has much better odds responding to occurrences in their reality than pounding the pavement or hawking the classifieds. An occurrence may be a mention of an opportunity by a friend or from a social network connection or it could be training seminar promoted at a local store. For a Manifesting Generator it is these threads within their reality that create the optimal energetic exchange when responding with the proper intentions.

Theme: Frustration

Projector – The Projector is here to mange, guide, direct and lead. They are here to project thoughts, ideas, patterns, solutions and inspiration. Like a movie or overhead projector, this energy is outwardly expressed to society and the universe. It lights the way to a more organized or better way of doing things. The Projector does not have the sacral motor so their energy is not sustainable for work over long periods of time. They need to rest and take breaks. A projector is best suited to work a flexible schedule that allows for this rest, and perhaps even an afternoon nap. The Projector should go to bed half an hour before they intend to sleep in order to discharge the sacral energy that they have picked up and amplified during the day.

Projector – wait to be invited

The Projector must be invited in order for the energy to flow properly. How many of us have had the experience in a group or social situation when someone starts guiding and directing and everyone is thinking “Who invited you (to be the boss of me?)” It is this dynamic that requires the Projector to participate by invitation. The invitation can be formal, informal or implied but it is critical for the energetic exchange that it is there. The invitation is needed for employment, to participate in a group discussion, play on a sports team or even as part of dating. The people in the life of the Projector can help aid and orchestrate the invitations a Projector receives.

Theme: Bitterness

Manifestor – The Manifestor is here to create, initiate, and manifest. The manifesting energy is quick and flows to the throat center through channel(s) from one or more motor centers within the design. The throat center is all about the creative and initiative expression. The Manifestor uses this energy to create opportunity for themselves and others. As a society we depend on the Manifestors to get things started or get things going. Once initiated, it is the other types, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors, that come in and help the creation of the Manifestor to truly manifest.

Manifestor StrategyInform before you act

The manifestor energy is fast and that is the beauty and the flame in the creative process. To take time and explain in the midst of this process is a hindrance and annoying to the Manifestor. However, the Manifestor is reliant on an influx of energy from the other types once the initiation or initial manifestation has taken place to have the desired effect or take the manifestation to a higher level. Therefore the Manifestor must inform before acting to keep the energy flowing around them and their actions. A Manifestor that does not inform creates a vacuum isolating themselves from the dance of the others energies.

Theme: Anger

Reflector – The Reflector is the mirror of the energies and actions within society. A Reflector has no defined centers. All of the centers in the chart are white. They are like crystals able to amplify and reflect the energies around them. Reflectors can be highly sensitive to their environment. Reflectors do not have sustainable energy. Because of their open design they are significantly influenced by the energetic gates created by the cycles of the moon.

Reflector Strategy – Simply wait 28 days

The strategy for the reflector is to ride their lunar cycle and make the big decisions only after experiencing their full 28 days. This can pose difficulty for the reflector, yet understanding this in many cases can provide relief. They may have struggled finding consistency in their changing nature. The reflector will be very sensitive to their immediate environment due to their openness, and certain energies of people may unduly influence their decisions. The reflector should look at having a lunar reading of their human design to identify the cyclical augmentation to their definition as the Moon passes through gates that add definition to their charts.

Theme: Disappointment

Much of the Information contained within is from the teachings of:

Karen Curry of karencurry.com

Ra Uru Hu of Jovian Archive Corporation

*The percentage data used in Chart data comes from a study by United Life Sciences

Document Copyright 2008 – AngelicBlueprint.com