June 12, 2024

The 6-3 and 3-6 Profiles – It is all in the in the experience

The6-3 and the 3-6 profiles are bound by a need to learn from experience. The profile is labeled the Role Model / Martyr or Martyr / Role Model depending on the which comes first. From an outsider they may see many failures from people with this profile but in reality nothing here is a failure for all experiences bring wisdom.

The 3rd line as we know is experimental or experiential in nature. It slants this persons  personality to have an encounter and internalize the results. “How did that affect me?”. The 3rd line must try it to know it. People with the 3rd line cannot rely on the experience of someone else as they must have that experience to know it. The fullness gets lost in words. There is an inward focus so they can’t just watch anther do it and vicariously experience it for themselves. They need to  know it so they live it.

In addition with these profiles we have the 6th line that goes through the three life stages. In the first 28 years the 6th line behaves like a 3rd line. So in essence until age 28 we have a double 3rd line personality. Experiment & Experience. This profile has got to try it! At age 28 the 6th line realizes it is not actually a 3rd line and the orientation shifts. Instead of being internally or inward focused the 6th line becomes observational and watches how others experiment and experience. The 6th line continues to watch and build wisdom until about age 50 when they “come off the roof” and step into their Role Model stage. The Role Model is full of wisdom from experimenting and observing and will get involved when it is worthwhile to themselves and the others seeking guidance.

The difference between the 6-3 and the 3-6 is in the lead orientation. The 3-6 will be more inwardly focused on first impression while the 6-3 will have a more outward look. Both profiles will have outward and inward orientation and typically will start out life more inwardly focused and turn more outwardly as they mature especially after age 40. By age 40 the experimentation and experience has led to wisdom so its necessity diminishes.

Here is an example of a 6-3 and 3-6 chart.