May 21, 2024

The Flow

We are a part of this universe not just a separate aspect. The universe we live in runs on a continuous flow of magnetic pulls and pushes. This flow is primarily controlled by electric charges both positive and negative. Whether you experience life as a series of collisions or a stream of flows, is highly determined by how you ride your vehicle.

In this case we are talking about your body as your vehicle. It has a specific design that you were born with. This design is often referred to as your Human Design or we sometimes call it the Angelic BluePrint. You could also call it your Magic Passport. For if you ride your vehicle as it is designed to be ridden, then you will experience a magic of flow in your life.

At the core of our design is what is called a magnetic monopole. This is a one ended magnetic force. Or one polarity. It is designed to push us away from things that are not intended for us to encounter and pull us toward things that we are designed to encounter. The things might be pople, places, jobs or experiences. Essentially it all works the same way. With Flow!

To “Get into the Flow” we must honor our design. We must live out the energies that we were designed to express in the way we were designed to express them. We can also experience energies we were not defined with but we need to take from those the wisdom of that experience and then let them  go. Many of us hold onto these energies that are not ours and this pulls us out of our flow.

Ultimately if we live our design and follow the strategies of our design we will move into the flow. In fact we can’t help not being in the flow as the monopole will direct us there. So live your type and strategy and embrace and express  your defined energies and let go those which you are not. It is that easy to get into the flow!