May 21, 2024

The Gates of Fear

Spleen Center

Be Afraid … Then Move On!
By Rev. Ric of

There are 9 energy centers in Human Design and three of them are devoted to helping us all have a consciously aware life experience. The other 6 function in mechanical ways, but these 3 express their energies in ways that engage the senses, challenge the mind and evoke the spirit in us all. Its no wonder these centers are called the Awareness Centers.

It’s also no accident that these same centers carry the potential to express our fears as well. Awareness does not just mean being fully immersed in the life experience – it also means being alert to the potential dangers. Threats to our physical well-being, the inability to express our thoughts to others or the nervousness expressed in unfamiliar situations are all potential fears carried in the Awareness energy.
The Spleen carries our energy for intuitive insights and sensory awareness that help keep us alert to our surroundings and our physical well-being.

Ajna Center

The Ajna develops the thoughts and inspirations from the Head and organizes them into ideas and opinions that must be shared with others; thus, the mental anxiety felt when those ideas cannot be expressed coherently. The Solar Plexus is the seat of our emotional energy and functions in waves carrying at once the elation of a certain experience and the fear that when it ends we’ll be left empty with nothing to feel; or the dread of an unpleasant circumstance and the fear that we’ll be stuck in it forever.

Awareness and Fear get processed through the same energy centers and live in the same houses, the Gates of those centers. This would seem to imply that Fear has some important role to play in the conscious awareness of our daily experiences. Could it be that Fear is what keeps us in the moment? Perhaps Fear is meant to pull our attention to certain things in our environment that would otherwise be overlooked? Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Fear is meant to make us PAUSE in our experiences, not STOP. When we allow a fear to stop us, then we give it too much control over its expression and that leads to debilitating, and sometimes paralyzing, results.

Solar Plexus Center

Lets take a new look at the purpose of Fear and what it means to be afraid. To paraphrase Dr. Susan Jeffers, Be Afraid, … Then Move On! (Dr. Jeffers wrote the book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”)