June 12, 2024

The Open Root

Under Pressure? This is the pressure to get things going and to get them off of your list. This is the pressure to finish to be free.

The open Root is under this pressure to get started and be done. It can be relentless. It can run your life. It can push you to keep working after you are tired. It can make you skip lunch or work way past quitting time. The open root can have you spinning your wheels as well.

The reason the open Root can be so intense is that the pressure of doing things causes the body to release adrenaline to create energy to do things. Because the open root lacks definition or consistency, it will manage this physical energy in an inconsistent way. Some times it will flounder to get started and other times it will push to finish, everything.

So how do you tame the open Root?

The strategy to combat the shadow of the open Root is a mental one. Keep tabs on your open Root. If you have done enough for this morning, go to lunch. Give your self permission to take a break. If it is quitting time, go home. The list will be there tomorrow. Besides, the boss will add more things to do so just because you finish doesn’t mean you are free.

The Root center is also designed to be off at times to rest. You can’t pump adrenaline 24×7 yet that is what our over caffeinated society is trying to do. Take advantage of the Root’s down time if you can. Do something more passive. If you are at your desk trying to get those emails out, or finish that report and it is not happening, take a walk, read a book, stretch or do something to allow the Root to rest. Once recharged you will actually be more productive than if you just try to struggle through.

The gift of the open Root is that it can amplify the energy around you. In the office or on the sports field the open Root can harness the energy of the defined Roots and get an amazing things done. It can be super human. So be super human and then get the rest you deserve.

And when you do take that rest, leave the lists mentally behind at the office and enjoy your time off, even if it is brief.

Here is a chart with an open Root.
(Click on chart for larger image.)