July 18, 2024

The Opportunist and Role model – The profile 4-6

The 4-6 profile is the only profile within the Human Design system were both lines  go through 3 different life stages. These stages are divided into the first 28 years of life, from 28-50 and after 50.

At birth a person born in a 4-6 profile lives as if they were a 1-3 profile. They investigate and look for the foundation of the 1st line. They take to experimenting like a 3rd line person. They have an inward focus and take the results of their investigations and experiments and internalize them. For example, “I came up on a stranger rather brusquely in the park and I got punched in the eye.  Why did that happen to me?”

Unfortunately for the 4-6 the investigation and experimentation does not work very well. There is something about the geometry of the energy where the internalization of the experiences and investigations that does not sit right.

So at age 28 around the Saturn return, the 4-6 changes perspective. Instead of an inward focus they venture “up on the roof.” From the roof the 4-6 shifts their perspective to become observational, with a focus on the actions and experiences of others. Now they watch. They see the results of others actions and they take the results of these and  draw them back to themselves. “Ah, when that person approached an apparent stranger in the park slowly, with their hand out stretched, they were greeted warmly. Now I see how I could do that too” The 4-6 on the roof lives somewhat removed or aloof from 28 to age 50, watching and observing.

At 50 or when their Chiron returns, the 4-6 comes off the roof. They now have the wisdom of the first 28 years and how things don’t work so well and also how it is to be inwardly focused. They also have the experience of 28-50 and outwardly focused having watched how it all works. The 4-6 is ready to step into their role model hood. This is not a pushy role model. This is the wise woman on the hill. If she is asked or it is worth her while she will get involved and help out. People will seek out the role model for their perceived value.

Here is a sample of a 4-6 chart.