July 17, 2024

The Sacral Response

Generators and Manifesting Generators have a built in “self truth” detector that shows its presence in our earlier childhood years. Here let me take you back to your childhood…

Father: Please give me those scissors or you might cut yourself.

Son: Un-uh

Father: Please.

Son: Un-uh.

Or how about …

Mother: Would you like to go for Ice Cream?

Daughter: Un Huh!

You see, we know the sacral response when we are toddlers, yet our schools typically beat it out of us as we grow up. We must say the proper, Yes and No. But the Un-Huh(for yes) and un-uh(for no) are an instinctive hold overs that is tied directly to the sacral motor. This is the gut instinct. We should listen to it.Have you ever said,  “Un-Huh, I knew I was right!” The more we say the un-Huh and un-uh, the more it engages the sacral. This sacral motor is deeply tied to the body and has a knowing of what we need and what we don’t.

So if you have the Sacral center defined in your chart. it is colored red, then  grab a friend and you are on the way to “self truth” discovery. Simply have your friend ask you a series of simple yes and no questions. You respond appropriately with un-Huh and un-uh. Using the sound is very important as it gets the  motor going in a way that does not happen with yes and no. Use some simple set up questions like “Is your hair red?”, Do you drive a black car?” before getting to the questions you really want the answer to. The goal here is to get the mind out of the way. We are interested in what that gut instinct has to say about what is right for you.

Her are some additional tips.

  • Simple questions
  • Must be yes or no questions
  • Be clear/precise on time references in the questions. ( now, today ,tomorrow, next week)
  • Questions about the future will be less certain
  • Answer rapidly without thinking about it
  • Feel the connection to the gut as you say un-Huh and un-uh
  • Answer without emotion or will energy
  • If you have the 34-20 channel, from the sacral to the throat, don’t over due it.

I hope you will try this out and have some fun with it.