June 12, 2024

The Sounds of Spirit, Melancholy and Freedom

Emotional energy expands and contracts. It lifts us up towards joy and ecstasy and then it contracts and we fall back toward earth in the form of sadness or melancholy. We can drown ourselves in our sorrow or we can utilize the melancholy in a creative and productive ways. In fact melancholy can be a great fuel for creativity. As we work away expressing the melancholy, often we begin to release the sorrow and spark the emotional energy to rise.

I began to ponder this as I was drawn to songs by Sara Bareilles, Jewel and the Carpenters.  In the 3 songs below, the artists sing mired in melancholy expressing the sad side of the gate 55, the Gate of Spirit. Gate 55 is an emotional gate which is about expressing our spirit or our spiritual feelings. Richard Rudd in his book of Genekeys writes, “The gift of the gate 55 is freedom”. We are talking about freedom of the spirit to transcend our physical bodies and be emotionally free to mingle in ecstasy with the collective energies of the divine. You might even say being in or part of heaven.

Take a few minutes to listen to these 3 performances. See if you can feel the melancholy working its way to try and find the emotional freedom of spirit. Also see if you notice that there is a slight difference in the authenticity of the expression of the melancholy. Both Sara and Jewel have the gate 55 defined but Karen and Richard Carpenter do not have the 55 defined. I think as you listen you will here more depth to the melancholy in Jewel and Sara and perhaps a slight hollowness in Karen’s song.

On a side note see if you here Jewels undefined G, taking the hurt personally, almost saying “You don’t really love me”.

Here are the charts for the 4 artists.