June 12, 2024

The Undefined Heart/Will Center

Am I worthy? Well are you?

Of course you are. But a person with an undefined Heart/Will center can feel a nagging or wave of insecurity. This is due to inconsistent access to the energy in the center.

This center is about will power. It is a pushy kind of energy to get, gather or take resources that you need to survive. In our society it can also be about not taking or consuming things, like that second cup of coffee or that bowl of ice cream before bed. People with defined will power can use this consistent energy to deny that indulgence. But with duality there is also the will to have that 2nd cup or bowl.

So what to do? If you are undefined you have inconsistent energy to hold back and if you are defined your will might work against you!

The solution here is to utilize your other defined energy to accomplish what you want. A person with a defined Ajna can potentially use process to accomplish their goal. Say they want to cut back onĀ  coffee. They may not be able to stop on will power but they may be able to rationalize, “If I don’t go into any Starbucks, then I will buy and drink lessĀ  coffee.”

For other designs the strategy maybe different but the goal is the same, use your defined energies to accomplish your goal.

Undefined Heart/Will centers can borrow will from those around them. But it is important to remember, they are not wired to use will consistently. If they do they run the risk of ill health to the Gall Bladder and the Heart as this center is wired in to both these organs.

Think about what the heart does. It beats and then it rests, it beats and then it rests. It is not designed to work all the time. It needs that rest even if it is for a fraction of a second. If you are willfully pushing your way though life, you are not giving the center its needed rest.

Here are charts for the actor Clint Eastwood and his father Clint Eastwood Sr.
Clint Eastwood Sr. died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Clint Eastwood is 79 and is rumored to be having heart troubles.
(Click on the chart for larger image.)