May 21, 2024

The Vibration of Energy

You have heard it said, “It is all energy!”. What does that mean? We all carry and emit vibrations of energy in various flavors of the rainbow. A rainbow that has a spectrum far beyond the rainbows we see in nature. The Spectrum is beyond the over 200 colors that Crayola has created with their crayons.  The energies are vast and different and that is what makes human design so special as it is a symphony of energies and how they are expressed. The vibrations of energy come from the universe, our sun, our moon and our planets and beyond. It is interesting how energy vibrations strike us, shape us and effect us.

I woke up this morning around 4 AM which isn’t uncommon, but normally I can get back to sleep after a while. By 5 AM I was pretty sure I was not getting  back to sleep. My mind was racing on various topics and while that happens sometimes, I can often quiet my mind. But not today, so I climbed out of bed and got the day rolling.

As you have probably guessed I had a suspicion that the energy of the day had a lot to do with my vibration of being awake. I quickly ran the human design activation energy of the day, August 16, 2018, and found the 63-4 channel is in for the mind. This is a channel that evaluates things and processes and forms an opinion if they are “good” or “flawed”. Well that makes sense for the busy mind this morning. I also know that today is the first day of a 13 day cycle of energy within the Mayan human calendar called the Cholqij. I have experienced that on the first morning of a cycle I often wake up early in the AM, perhaps my body senses the change in vibration the new day brings. Whatever the case, I picture all these energies like the strumming of strings on an instrument and when they vibrate in a frequency that has some resonance within us, it invokes some kind of expression from us. For me, this morning, it was a busy mind and a focus of what needed to be done. Well and that did include this article, LOL.

OK, so I was conscious of the new Mayan cycle so you could say maybe it was a mind thing. But how about this? As I lie awake, Dan Fogelberg’s song. Leader of the Band was playing in my mind over and over again.  So I ran his chart, ;-). I was not surprised to find that he was born on August 13th so similar energies as today, and his primary lead gate is the 4. He also carries the 63 in his design so he has the whole 63-4 channel. Feels just like a guitar string just strummed and now I am vibrating.

There are other reasons I think I vibrate with Dan Fogelberg. We both have the tribal channel, the gate of extremes(15) and the love of being in body(46). Leader of the band is truly a tribal dedication to his father as you can hear him express in this video.

When I look at Dan’s chart I see other elements of his great gift. He is a natural born story teller with the 11-56 channel between the Ajna and Throat. His head and Ajna are wired to sequence things logically(63-4) and with an abstract view(64-47)  and he can bring these to expression in the throat, in a unique way, via his 43-23 channel. It is also not surprising that he did several different styles of music from ballads to rock to folk tales as it flowed in rhythm with his gate of extremes (15).

So as you go through today, take a look around, What are you vibrating with?

Here is Dan’s chart.