July 18, 2024

The Will Center – Are you worthy?

The Will center in Human design is also the home of the ego. This is pushy energy to get or posses material things. It can also be about getting your way, staking your place or enforcing your ownership. The will center is intertwined to the heart and it’s processes which is why it is often called the Heart/Will center. Improper or over use of that pushy will energy can lead to health problems with the heart, the blood and the gall bladder.

Heart/Will Center

Underlying all this is a burning question. Am I worthy? The will center and it’s energy want to prove that you are! That you are worthy to have a nice car, a big house or a place at the table. That you are worthy because you get good grades or your team wins or you look great. But the catch in proving all this is that the will and or the heart must work and then rest. In our western society we are often conditioned to push, push push and forget about the rest. This is a recipe for disaster. It is not surprising that the rate of heart, blood and gall bladder health issues are so high!

Now about 35% of the population have defined Will centers and that means they have consistent energy to do this willful pushing. With a defined Will you are more likely to recognize when you have pushed too long and take a rest. The people with the undefined Wills have a harder time, as they often don’t know when to stop pushing. They also don’t always have will energy around them so when they push they don’t have the defined energy to support the push and it puts a greater strain on their body. Open or undefined Wills can often struggle with worthiness. In school for most a B+ is a sufficient grade but the open will center will continue to push for that A just to feel worthy.

Overall, a good strategy is to use the will energy sporadically. Like a runner when you need that kick to finish. For accomplishing things that we often think take will power like dieting or quitting a bad habit, using other strategy not will power is a better route to success. For example, if you are trying to cut down on caffeine, don’t go into Starbucks. Strategy like that can go a long way in helping you accomplish what you want with out straining your heart.