May 21, 2024

Turn Some Pages

The past 7 days has been anything but an easy ride. Someone very close to my wife Nina and I went into the hospital last Tuesday and it has required a great deal of focus, effort  and emotional support to help them.   On Friday I came down with the flu and spent the next 72 hours moving from bed to couch to bed. Thank goodness I feel much better today! However, how we spent our last  7days is not at all what we had on our schedule.

Our plan was a two days of vacation and then focus on our businesses to roll out new offerings for the fall, but life had a different plan. In life things happen and we need to roll with the changes.  In Human Design 50% of us are emotional and will in some form ride the waves of emotion. However another 40% of us create an emotional wave with the people we are in relationship with, close friends, roomates,  family or coworkers.

What this means is that almost all of us are riding some sort of emotional wave. In Human Design if you are riding an emotional wave it means that you do not have clarity in the moment. Without clarity you can not consistently make the correct decision for you intantaneously.  From the high joyful point we can wear rose colored glasses and all options may look good. As we take the emotional slide down to the midpoint or low point we get a different perspective and our decisions may change or become confused. It is only when we ride the wave for a while, like a surfer waiting for the right one, that we gain overall perspective and clarity.

We live in a land where the rhetoric is “stick by your decisions”. That is a good mantra because it helps build consistency. However since 90% will live emotionally at least some of the time, our decisions become clearer over time. When it comes to making decisions the early bird is not the best option for those 90%.

So while we bob on the emotional sea of life we can get pretty frustrated.  We are not always ready for the next wave that may wash over our heads. But if we can roll with that and stay focused on our issue or challenge then we will receive clarity over time and at some point you will know from deep inside the change or the decision to make and you can turn some pages to move on until the next opportunity comes along.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Reo Speedwagon that inspired today’s post.