May 21, 2024

Watching the world go by

There are many dramas and controversies that we humans can be drawn into. These can leave us feeling angry, upset, mad, disenchanted or a variety of other emotional states. Many of these emptions can cause stress and create physical symptoms in our bodies. Human Design offers a potential way to view the world that can reduce and alleviate a lot of the stress and anxiety so that we are more balanced and in harmony. Ra would have likely called this being the passenger or watching the movie.

The controversies and dramas can come from a variety of sources. Whether they are family dynamics, politics, the latest sports match, personal or work place relationships, they can all draw us in to their web that can play out for days, months, or even years. This morning I was reading a thread on Facebook from our towns group posting. The focus of the thread was about a goody bag that the elementary school kids can bring in for the Halloween celebration. The school had made a determination that there were to be no outside bags this year. They were going to provide the treats in the bag to control what was in the school and what the kids could have.

In full disclosure, I have no stake in this game as my kids are grown up and out of college. So it is far easier to sit back and observe when you don’t have a stake.  But I do think even when we are invested, if we can pull ourselves back to the observational perspective of Human Design, it can make life a lot easier and more harmonious.  I am also not saying to lose the passion for something you care about, just adjust your judgement and expected outcome as the observer.

Reading this thread I could see glimpses of various elements of design. Some posts were confrontational saying the school had no right. Another changed the topic completely, talking about the professional baseball team. A third was judgmental. A forth was questioning, if this was all we had to complain about life must be pretty good. In all these comments, from the observational viewpoint I could see the elements of Human Design pop out. Elements of the incarnation crosses, expressions of certain gates and even some flavorings from profiles.

In my minds eye it was almost like watching a game of pinball, where when the the ball hit a bumper the machine would say “Cross of Obfuscation” or “Cross of Laws” or “gate 49 of Revolution”. The ball is just reacting to the energetic forces it encounters. In my example, the balls reaction is the people expressing their viewpoint on the subject.









Another way of looking at it is like the game of Plinko. You drop a chip in the top and it bounces off pins on the way down and ends up in a slot at the bottom where you get various points.  The analogy is that the chip is the issue, the pins are the people and how the chip bounces off is their expression. Sometimes its a little bounce and other times bounces over a couple of channels. The slot at the bottom is the outcome of all the interactions around the issue as the chip makes it’s way down the board.  Ideally to some degree  you can hold this objective viewpoint, that the people are just expressing their views and those are coming from their design, that they cannot always help how they express their energy and it is not personally directed toward you or another person or a group,  it’s just energy. The ball in pinball or the chip in Plinko are just bouncing with the energies being expressed and you have no control of where it is going.

Now I know it is not always this easy. That there are issues or situations you are passionate about, and I am not saying to squash that passion. But if you can, even just a little, release ownership and control of the outcome once you have made your input, and watch through the lens of Human Design, the pinball or chip bounce around, you may find that life is a bit less stressful and a bit more harmonious.

I challenge you to try this with something in your life and see if it is a better way to watch the world go by!