May 21, 2024

When your Human Design wants to have a Voice!

There are times when your Human Design will speak up and express itself even if you are not aware of it. Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer and one of the judges on the TV show The Voice. A few weeks ago I was watching and there around Kelly’s neck was her Human Design speaking out. Not exactly speaking, but the word was there. “LOVED” said her necklace, and I knew right there, part of her design was speaking out. I had a strong feeling not only did she support that feeling of LOVED, but there is part of her design that needed that reminder.

So when we look at her chart there are 2 elements that jump out screaming I want to feel LOVED.
First the G or Identity center is undefined for Kelly. Undefined or fully open G’s, have a longing or yearning to feel Love. It is not that they don’t feel loved, but being undefined, there is a lack of structure to hold the consistency of that feeling so they need to reinforce it. If you are in a relationship with an open or undefined G they may ask you, “do you love me?”

Secondly the Heart/Will center is completely open. While not always strictly in the vibe of love, it is about feeling worthy of the self. I often coach my clients who have an open or undefined Heart/Will center, to create some kind of reminder, a post it or a drawing for themselves to remind them, they are worthy, they have done great things! It is not about whether they are worthy, because of course we have all done great things at some point in our lives. It is about the consistency and being able to feel it. With reminders, we are able to supplement our consistency and remember we are worthy, we are LOVED, like the lovely necklace Kelly displayed.

Another aspect that Kelly displays frequently on the show, is her undefined throat. The other judges, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine often poke fun of Kelly as she rambles on trying to win over a contestant. This is an aspect that comes out with some people who have an open or undefined throat. The throat is trying to stay in control of the conversation but the wiring is not there to provide consistent words for expression, so it turns into more of a ramble. I am guessing you may know someone like that. Now people with a defined throat can talk for hours on end, but if you listen carefully you will hear more power in there speech and probably more substance.

So what advice would I have for Kelly if she consulted with me? Awareness, awareness is the key. Wear that necklace as it is a great reminder you are Loved, you are Love and you are totally worthy. Be conscious of what you are saying and how much you say. Sometimes less is more. The beauty of the undefined throat is it can distill what is said, to deliver a juicy nugget of wisdom.

And if you have noticed, that sometimes my post could say more, this open throat is taking my own advice.
Here is Kelly’s Chart