May 21, 2024

Will the real Sara Bareilles Please Stand up!

Sometimes when you go to run a Human Design chart you just don’t know the time. Some days it doesn’t matter much as the planets are consistent through out the day. Other days there are major changes and many designs. Typically you can get a feel for the persons chart by asking some questions that resonate or oppose certain aspects of design as related to their potential charts. Through a series of questions you can start to rule things in or out.

Now if I were friends with Sara, I would just phone her up and say, “Hey Sara, what time were you born? I want to run you a Human Design chart.” Judging from her sense of humor she might reply, ” Why are you checking if I’m Human?”. But since calling her is out, I will show you my process for trying to figure it out. While I can’t ask her questions, there are a lot of interviews and video clips I can use to ascertain how she expresses herself.

The first thing I do using my HD software by, is run through the possible designs from morning to night.

Here are the things that do not change and are present all day.

  • Generator
  • Defined Centers: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart-Will, Head and Ajna.
  • Undefined Centers: Root and Spleen.
  • Centers that vary: G, Throat

Here are the things that vary.

  • morning til 9:17 – 4-6, undefined G, right angle cross of Consciousness
  • 9:17-12:15            – 4-1, undefined G, juxtaposition cross of Habits
  • 12:15-14:14          – 5-1, undefined G, left angle cross of Separation
  • 14:14-23:31         – 5-1, Defined G, left angle cross of Separation
  • 23:31-midnight  – 5-1, undefined G, Defined Throat, left angle cross of Separation

Note – I have left out a couple hanging gate changes. If I am working with someone I might come back to those later.

Typically the first thing I look at is the profile. I feel profile flavors everything a person expresses. In Sara’s case it is kind of tricky as she has 3 potential profiles. Overall I would lean toward her being a 5-1 as she seems to have that magnetism in her expression that draws you in. Her personality has a projected feel about it. But, I could be wrong, it could be her dynamic talent and voice that is the draw. But then again that is part of her expression so I will go with the 5-1.

If I could ask her questions they would focus like this. In parenthesis is what I am trying to address.

4-6 Cross of Conscious

  • Were you highly experimental as a child and though your teen years?(6th line)
  • Did you feel a shift in your 20’s to late 20’s from being heavily involved or immersed to becoming more reserved or on the roof watching life?(6th line)
  • Do you struggle when you change foundational things like friends, where you are living, where or how you are working?(4th line)
  • Do you doubt a lot? About yourself or others?(Gate 63? gate of doubt)


  • Do you struggle when you change foundational things like friends, where you are living, where or how you are working?(4th line?)
  • Do you find when you get an idea or working on resolving something that you need to keep digging or asking questions before you can move forward?(1st line)
  • Are you relatively open to new opportunities and meeting new people and or trying new things?(Gate 22? gate of Openness)

Some answers to these questions might help confirm my guess of 5-1. Two of the lead gates change on the transition from 4-6 to 4-1. In Sara’s case she only loses the gate 63 and gains the gate 22. I am not sure I see the doubter of the 63 in her expressions but she does seem to be open to trying things. Throughout her career she has had a wide variety of performances, from starting out in local theatre to being in an acapella group in college, to pop artist, to being a judge on the show Sing Off, to collaborating to write the songs for a musical and perform for several weeks as the lead.  So it’s thin, but still another slight nod away from the 4-6. Of course is she resonated with the 4-6 questions above that would be a different story.

The other part of her design I would look at is undefined G verses the Defined G. My hunch would be undefined because she has a way with putting herself into character as she writes and performs her music. It is not that a defined G couldn’t do this, but an undefined G is more malleable. Also, a lot of her songs are looking or seeking love which is a more common experience with the undefined and open G.

If I were working with Sara, she probably could find out her birth time if she didn’t know it and we create her exact chart. But you will come across people that just don’t know there time and the records don’t exist to find out. I see human design as a tool of self understanding so I don’t think you can go wrong starting with a chart and working with it, to see what resonates and what doesn’t. Over time I think the correct chart will become clearer as you become more familiar with how you are expressing yourself in life.

In this music video, you can see how much expression and passion Sara poured into the lyrics and performance.

Here are some of the variations that could be Sara Bareilles’s design. The largest chart is my hunch but the smaller are certainly possibilities.