June 12, 2024

1 is the lonliest number …

solar_will_throatThis line from a Beatles song was going through my head as I awoke from a dream this morning. The dream had been about the 37-40 channel in Human design which involves community and aloneness. The 40 (gate 40) is about being a part of the family and community. Community has rules and to be part and parcel you follow the rules and do your part. The gate 37 is about being alone. You can do your own thing as there are no rules to follow. Being part of a family or community is a bargain where you give up certain freedoms and take on certain tasks to be a part of the community.

The story in the dream was about a person I recently encountered. They were very willful and often pushy about what they wanted to do or what they wanted to have. Most of the time they wanted it NOW!  In Human Design this willful push comes from the  gate 21 the Hunter Gatherer.  When this is a push to manifest in a purely individual way  supercedes the flow of the community or family and it can push the person out of the community into aloneness.

The message here is clear.  Being part of community or family is all about going with the flow. We can still get what we want most of the time and still be part of our family, friends or community as long as we do it within the flow. The more we push to make things happen our way, on our schedule,  the more we break the bonds that tie us to the groups that we want to be a part of, and the more we push ourselves toward aloneness. There is a high degree of aloneness in the world and I believe a lot of it is driven by instant gratification. Let me take care of me right now. But falling for the instant gratification is actually punishing us with aloneness down the road.

Compromise is the key. Don’t allow the ego control and the push for now, now, now. Make compromise and go with the flow and you will find yourslef part of the whole, your family, and or your group. Compromise, you’ll be glad you did!